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Apr 18, 2013
Dec 22, 2010
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The Citadel
I guard things...important things.

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Ziginz Zegell

No Fear, No Pain., from The Citadel

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Apr 18, 2013
    1. big_j_ny
      Why are you bothering me about it when you should be helping to take out the problem?

    2. G.K.
      Considering Gin's character it'd only makes sense that he'd insist on staying with her, especially after hearing her tragic back story. Not to mention if there combat it means Gin gets to gain some familiarity with his armor over night. 0.0 and it lets me set up auto vajins appearance. yes this is definitely gonna be awesome. :D
    3. Painted_Outlaw
      I... think it is. I'm not totally sure.
    4. Painted_Outlaw
      3 animals!
      And, for the discussion, let's ignore what happened to them in Ginga vs. Mega.
    5. Painted_Outlaw
      It was because the Baluban member (Biznella\Deviot in Lost Galaxy) who brought the Gigas to Earth turned them into robots.
    6. The_Bladesman
      Hi there, I think I've sent you a pm about my plans for the g-series though im still new to this forum set up so I'm not entirely sure, could you let me know if I'm completely wrong here =p.
    7. Saitou Takagi
      Saitou Takagi
      Hey man. Kind of new here but I like your Vanguards of Hope thread. I was wondering if you could help me with a superhero saga idea I wanted to develop into a comic book miniseries.
    8. CobraCommanderTFW
      thank you for the b day message sir, 1st time ive logged on here in a while so just wanted to say thanks :)
    9. G.K.
      LOL. lI didn't even think that far into it, nor am I certian that I completely understand it (I suck at straight forward things like math and science. I work better with the abstract and undefined....cause it gives me room to make shit up :P), but sure that'll work :P.
    10. Icefish
      I'm probably gonna have Cam call it a night. My posting for the next few days is gonna be hit and miss for reasons I'll go into in the discussion thread.
    11. Reimon
      Thanks. :thumbs:
    12. G.K.
      Thanks :D I couldn't have Gin go straight into the finishers since He'd never used the faiz gear before. The idea behind the memebrane was give a reason (beyond it being a stylistic flourish/signature move) why takumi was doing the wrist flick while fighting. It also Give a legitimate reason for why Gin can have sudden comeback victories against various monsters and evil riders during later parts of the rp :p
    13. Bad Wolf
      Bad Wolf
      Thank you sir!
    14. G.K.
      LOL. Thanks. I don't know if it'll go that far though :P
    15. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      I have a glass bow several different kinds of arrows two elvan swords an elvan great sword and an ancient nord great sword and for armor its...I think its steel plated armor on chest and feet and nordic plated gloves and an orcish helmet. And no I have not started smithing yet. Not good with the whole smithing thing and plus don't have any materials except for 6 dragon scales and 6 dragon bones. Will get a post up tonight. Do you wan't me to finish the mega eel off?
    16. Havoc Knight
      Havoc Knight
      Hey, is the wavy haired student who's helping Ryan an NPC I can act out, or is she yours?
    17. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Funny you should mention my name "Shagon" cause thats what I'm using as my Nord's name.
    18. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      I have just learned Dragonrend and am fighting Alduin so thats how awsome I am.
    19. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Oops nevermind that part about Vanguard rp I just read last several posts. Sorry like I said been on an xbox binge and havent been on here much lol. Will try to get something up soon.
    20. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Ok sorry for being gone for so long. Was on an xbox binge due to not being able to play one for several months. Lol. Question. The monster that Thunder and I were fighting. Is it dead or still alive? Wanted to know so I knew what to do from there. Please let me know when you can, also when will we be picking up Legacy again?
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    The Citadel
    I guard things...important things.
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