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Nov 3, 2016
    1. Amon
      Are you going to review S.H Figuarts Injustice Batman and Joker?
    2. Amon
      Hey are you a fan of Ultraman by any chance? I was wondering if you can review Ultra Act Zero Renewal please?
    3. Amon
      Hey Vangelus, keep up the amazing work. Do you plan on reviewing S.H.Figuarts Kyoryu Red one day?
    4. Amon
      Do you plan on reviewing Kamen Rider Gaim stuff?
    5. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      So I have spent much more money on figures. Took your advice, got Gills, and I have found he is bad ass. If you don't have him yet, get him. I could go into some long rant regarding my current collection, but you probably get that all the time. So I shall spare you the indignity and simply thank you again for the advice. Also...Link figma coming out. If you didn't already know.

      (By any chance did you get the Figma Fate Zero Saber. I misse dmy chance last time but have placed a preorder for the HLJ restock in Oct. If you did then let me know how awsome it is so I can stop worrying myself about how many preorders i have. Thanks for the things you do.)
    6. Keith Justice
      Keith Justice
      You have mail. :)
    7. Keith Justice
    8. drpepper
      hey vangelus. am trying to dow5nload cutie honey the live but my torrent download has taken a week just to get to 25%. =/ where would you recommend to download/watch online toku subbed? thanks mate.
      (btw, you rock) =P
    9. zero26
    10. kamenkid21
      where can i watch KR 555 ep 50 at becease TV Asahi won't download for me
    11. zero26
      Preordered Skull Crystal :)
      Thanks for your point of view(and video that helped alot)
    12. zero26
      Hey Vangelus, I can only buy either Skull or Joker so in your opinion who do you recommend I get?
    13. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      IT SHALL BE DONE! At this rate I might even be able to get Another Agito as well. hehehehahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    14. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      Generic fanboy rave here () Now that i've handled that and have whiped the dirt from my hands, I intend to purchase an SH figuarts Kuuga mighty form and a Figma Kamen rider Siren, I hope to have enough for a third rider but I am having a hard time decideing on what figure to get to round out the three. I am thinking about SIC stronger/tackle set but the size difference on the figures may look odd on my shelf/pile of boxes. Black was my first choice but is currently out of my price range. ($105.00 what's this bullshit on the underside of my perception of reality?) So...QUICKDRAW RIDER CHOICE NOW!
    15. zero26
      Hi Vange1us. Just wanted to say thanks for your vids(ofc I'm a fan) and curse you for making me get things I want but wasn't gonna buy because of me not wanting at the time... if that makes sense. Seriously though thanks for the vids and keep up the good work!
    16. Silver Wolf
      Silver Wolf
      Congratulations on getting picked up on TGWTG, Vangelus. I look forward to seeing what you release first over there. Will this mean you'll be switching to from now on, or just stick to Youtube?
    17. Rising Ultimate Kuuga
      Rising Ultimate Kuuga
      Hello Vangelus. I'm a fan of your toy reviews :)
    18. Keith Justice
      Keith Justice
      Listening to the TFCon podcast.. how much did that thing run you?
    19. Keith Justice
      Keith Justice
      Post up pictures of your Ryukendo toy!
    20. Keith Justice
      Keith Justice
      Get gmail and the gmail app for your iPhone, yo! :D
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