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New York
Actually...I need one...

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Super Kamen Sentai Rider, from New York

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Jul 19, 2013
    1. Aoiblue
      You know if you give me timed scripts I can karaoke gogov for ya :loltongue:
    2. x1xBladex1x
      Not lots, how about you?
    3. x1xBladex1x
    4. Sentinel King
      Sentinel King
      You know that I'm going to work with Paramount Pictures for my future projects? And I pray that one day in the future, I get my chance to take Star Wars franchise over! It's something that I've been wanting to do it since I was young.

      Star Wars Franchise itself needs a serious reboot! I want story of Star Wars to take place long time ago before Original Star Wars trilogy began back in 1977. You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about video game that was released, that's what I want to take on, focusing on to telling different aspect of this story! But not if George Lucas have his way! :redface2:

      We really needs a good writers who can write those star wars stories! But I don't mind to write small scenes, but not whole, though! Unfortunately, that won't happens until 2020 or 2030, at least. That's what I believe that George Lucas won't be here with us. It's time for him to move on.
    5. Sentinel King
      Sentinel King
      12 episodes long, you say? Well, what if they were to renewed for more episodes order? What if they don't feel like your story is really complete at all? What if episodes itself could going up to 50? Yeah, that could work.

      And why are you trying to make them with small budgets? There's no final cost on to making episodes per each, depending on your story-telling, certain scenes take place in your story. For once, I agree that the plot can be nice and simple! As long as Americans wants more of your story, you probably will have to write more and more! May I suggest to do perhaps 38 or 45 episodes long? OH, don't go with Disney, my friend! They will cut all your story off, they don't care.

      May I ask..what companies are you targeting? Fox? Warner Bros? Paramount Pictures? Universal Pictures? Just asking. Whatever what you're picking, it'll be wiser choice rather than having to working with Disney!
    6. Sentinel King
      Sentinel King
      Oh, Dinosaur Hero Force. It's Tokusatsu and it's for Japan only, but if it was to made into american tv, people will immediately going to call this rip-off, because it's only their favorable solution. What's the hell wrong with those people today? Why can't they tell different?

      For that, I'm very sad that people will never understand Tokusatsu, that is. Anyways, main event episodes coming up next month, that affect me to make some serious writing style change. Of course, as you already know that I've just obtained "AbiWord", rather than having Microsoft word. Best of all, it's free.

      So, that's what I'm working on right now. Next year, I'll be working on "Aqua Hero: Hurricane Force", right after I'm wrapped up with Dinosaur Hero Force. :)

      Oh, I forget to tell you that there will be three movies of Dinosaur Hero Force, because stories itself isn't really finished.
    7. Sentinel King
      Sentinel King
      Hey, I hope you accept my friendship. Now I know what to do with my scripts, thanks to you.
    8. Painted_Outlaw
      So.. how's this look?
    9. kabuto351
      yes just 38 cause it was to awesome to be in one language lol and right now we're writing the list of characters available and theres no due date since we're still looking and auditioning ppl and writing the script and type
    10. kabuto351
      hi you say u want to audition for meh dub? :3
    11. Punk
      As for Wrestling, If you do get back into it. My advice is watching WWE will honestly make you puke. It has gotten that bad. Disney bad.

      TNA currently has a better show. Great quality PPV matches and next week is the return of Monday Night Wars which is great nostalgia for wrestling fans.

      So my answer is yes. You should totally get back into it.
    12. Punk
      Wow, I haven't even been on TokuTube in months lol. But I'll add Ultraman for you.
    13. Aoiblue
      dude, delete ur post please D:
      just leave it at my post......
    14. Geki night
      Geki night
      Another Death Note fan I see :D
    15. CaptainB_Money
      This fansubbing group you're planning on making to sub old school tokusatsu. I may be interested in helping anyway possible. get at me on Aim or something.
    16. x1xBladex1x

      Do you talk much anywhere??
    17. x1xBladex1x
      Not much, just finished up a drama & now I'm heading off to bed. XD It's 1:19 AM.

      I see you on H.O.N. too!!!! (but you don't talk there =O)
    18. x1xBladex1x
      Hello there. =D

      I am totally first to comment your page.
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    New York
    Actually...I need one...
    I'm not that old...I can't have a long biography yet...

    Anime, Dramas, and Tokusatsu...I know, you must be really surprised huh? ^^



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