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Nov 11, 1974 (Age: 44)
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science experiment gone wrong, 44, from Indiana

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    1. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      XD lol

      See what leaving Sickbay did to him? LOL After serving aboard the Enterprise... he goes after giant killer rabbits. Must of been good shit they were smoking. XD

      I think I'm gonna go head off to bed now though. Going into work tomorrow... said I would, even though I stil don't feel great... but oh well. Money's money. I'll talk to you later man, take care. =3
    2. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      If it involved killer rabbits... then most likely it was a movie plot. Or a terrbile nightmare. One of the two. :P

      Killer Rabbits vs. Killer Tomamtos. XD lol
    3. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      :P lol

      Better then hourly, like Russia's weather.XD Or every ten minutes like here and Japan. XD lol

      Slow and steady wins the race though, just gotta keep trucking along till you reach the finish line. Even if you have to blow through some roadblocks with a 12 gauge, or if you get bored, it's still fun to shoot up a mall...

      Did I say that out loud? XD
    4. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Welcome to my everyday life. O_O lol

      Might have to cut out some stuff that bunker down on the key ones you really want the most. And I keep telling myself that... I'm waiting for results on that... >_>

      Could be worse though. I dunno how, but it could be. XD Like being in a real tornado or something like that. lol

      How's: "InterCeption And Recon Unbound Security"? sound for ICARUS?
    5. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      How's your novel coming along?
    6. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      I might call the task force, Team Icarus. Dunno what it'll stand for, but I like the sound of it. XD
    7. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      *shrugs* Can only do so much with form changing. :P

      I am thinking of having more mecha/ robot type enemeis then just monters. Giving the battles a bit more variety I guess.
    8. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      I'm not making Nova overly silver though, and his fin is a forward facing one. :P Think more along the lines of Zero's body look, just without the blue on the torso. The silver and gold patterns will be different too. =P

      Not sure if I'll be having him do form changes anymore though... but we'll see.
    9. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Cool. =3

      XD Then maybe we can have Abraham X Ash from Evil Dead Crossover. lol Freddy and Jason got one, so why not? lol

      Yeah.... unless they just don't bother explaining it... this is Kobayashi after all so I'm not really holding out hope for any kind of exposition on that... at least nothing that makes sense and will most likely be, comically retarded. >_>

      And yeah, gonna give Nova more of a dark red upper body and the lower half will have navey.Along with silver and maybe some gold accents, trim, etc. The Brace I'm thinking of having a pull down lever of sorts that flips up two inward slanted-end bars that become wings. Then lights up and some sound fx. *shrugs* Storywise... still might have the character be Japanese and part of the task force. But I probablyg onna remove a inner conspiracy element and just go with another one that isn't too... Nexus-ish. Which is where the ME inspiration comes in I guess.
    10. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      I dunno if there's a novel of BR, but I seen the first movie. It was pretty good and buy Toei apparently, their logo came up in the opening creds. Maybe I'll check out HG when it comes to dvd, but I got my plate full on five movies I want to see. =3

      XD Should be an entertaining book at least.

      Yeah, that's Red Buster, and yeah... that still has yet to be explained... something about chicken's makes him panix and panic is what freezes him up. *shrugs* All the villain has to do is take away all sweets from Yellow, over heat Blue and make a Chicken Monster to kill Red and he pretty much wins. >_>

      A little of colume A and B I guess. Reworking the powers, design and henshin item to a brace. Storywise is a little bit tweaked. Kinda taking some inspiration from Mass Effect. lolz.

      ME1: "Reapers?"
      ME2: "Ah yea, "Reapers..."
      ME3: "OH SHIT! REAPERS!!!" XD lol
    11. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Cool. I heard it's like a Battle Royale of sorts but people seem to like it. The trailer didn't really catch my eye though... *shrugs*

      LOL Maybe he really was a Vampire Hunter and he faked his death to continue his killing in the shadows. XD lol You never know. :P

      I dunno if I'll be watching it all the way through either to be honest. But so far it's been a pretty good show, though a little flat on exposition concerning Hiromu's backstory I find. But I guess we'll see how that that goes.

      Gokaiger I did watch all the way through from beginning to end and still have all the episodes on here. :D

      And tonight I've been thinking on my Ultraman Nova story again. Had to think of something else or remain depressed... and that's what came up. :P
    12. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      How is the hunger games?

      LOL Abraham Lincon: Vampire Hunter... LOL XD That sounds like it'll be funny. :3

      I haven't really been keeping up with much toku outside of Go-Busters right now... though I haven't dled the 4th ep subbed yet, just haven't been that motivated to watch anything else. heh. Then again TVN doesn't always have the DDLs up right away either... Been watching Go-Busters from Over-time though. It's pretty good so far. =3
    13. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Yeah. So how have you been?
    14. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Nah, only standard ME2 face imports work in ME3, for some reason it won't import one from ME1 that you imported into 2. It'll only give you something close to it but it won't import the character you played through 1 and 2. Just the ME2 faces seem to be importing in. It's a real pain in the butt.

      Oh well, as long as the ending is fixed first I'll be fine. I can wait for the import fix.
    15. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      And the ME1 face import is till fucked too. They need to fix that. Cause it won't import a character from ME1-2 into 3.
    16. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Aw come on, you only really need one eye. :P lol

      Not fully, but they have come out to say they are planning on doing something about it... guess we'll see what that is. Hopefully it's a better ending, cause the game itself has really no ending. But I ain't buying the DLC unless it's dirt cheap cause the game cost me 90+ bucks and they jip ya on the end... so yeah, the DLC Good Ending (if that's what it will be) better be free or dirt cheap. =3

      Other then that, I got a cold and feel like crap. XD Also been doing a lot of thinking and writing down random song lyrics on FB for status, outside of a few rage posts about ME3. The game's all good and dandy till the end...
    17. Kamen Rider Oni
    18. Kamen Rider Oni
    19. Kamen Rider Oni
    20. Kamen Rider Oni
      Kamen Rider Oni
      Goodtimes, goodtimes. :3 lol
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