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Nov 26, 1987 (Age: 32)

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Sep 17, 2014
    1. gokol
      You seem cool. Bleach rocks!
    2. orphen20
      happy birthday
    3. Darkster
      Hey man, are you by any chance the same Sage Shinigami at GX_ST?
    4. angelicnoir
      *sigh* Sadly, I cannot afford Comic-Con and even if I did, it sold out before I even could get them. I would have to buy some the moment they go on sale for next year in the next coming weeks. Gah~

      I play a lot of 2D fighting games, but I'm not that fantastic. I do my best, lol. My favorite is Guilty Gear and hopefully, if and when I get my PS3, I'll be able to get Blaz Blue. My favorite game of all time is still Tetris, no matter how archaic is it. I heart puzzle games. I play some DDR (it's amazing exercise!) and the only driving game I play is Initial D, lol. FPS is beyond me. I have a lazy eye so FPS make me really, really dizzy. I can watch people play for a bit, but can't play it myself without feeling incredibly nauseous.
    5. angelicnoir
      Haha, don't worry about it. It's not like anyone else was sending me messages before you. You made it look less lonely, :P

      Feel free to IM me anytime. I'm usually on the computer almost all the time, either because of work, for school or just killing time at home.

      Sadly, I did not draw the character (I can't draw for the life of me... save for random anime smiles haha). There's a make your own Scott Pilgrim character maker here.

      I really enjoy manga style character design and I am a huge fan of Renaissance artwork, so some of the very nitty gritty style comics don't appeal to me as much. I was going to pick up Kabuki by David Mack because I think the art style is just gorgeous.
    6. angelicnoir
      I don't mind shoujo-ai stuff at all (or shonen-ai for that matter; but please don't think I'm a yaoi obsessed fangirl. It's the one thing while I'm not completely against it, it's just not my thing, lol)

      I just haven't gotten around to them. To be honest, the art work never appealed that much to me, but I'm coming around. Also, I like to follow story line, so starting on the immense mythos of superhero comics is a little daunting. So, unless someone tells me to read a specific comic, I just don't know where to start.

      I am so, so, SO excited for the movie. The casting is fantastic! I even made a Scott Pilgrim character for myself, lol.

      I didn't know there was a video game~ *goes to check it out*
    7. angelicnoir
      Oh man~ I have never heard of any of those anime... (I'm so behind!! T_T)

      I actually haven't watched a new anime in years. Saiyuki is new for me and it's been around for quite some time. I'll definitely check those out. I know I want to check out Soul Eater and High School of the Dead, too.

      Ah, comics. The only American comics I've read are the Sandman series (I'm a Neil Gaiman fangirl because of it), Dark Knight Returns, Scott Pilgrim, and Watchmen.
    8. angelicnoir
      I've only seen the first season of Torchwood. I enjoyed it, especially since it was more grown up so to speak than Doctor Who. I really love Ianto and Capt. Jack. I really should get on to watching the next season and the specials, but haven't gotten around to it.

      lol, I can't help but fan girl over Suzuki Hiroki. I really think he's great.

      I'm definitely certain that the real Blade has nothing to do with the alternative universe Blade, which is why I'm looking forward to watching it after I plow through Den-O.

      Saiyuki is a fan girl's dream mixed with some badassery thrown in, so I'm enjoying it a lot. Kenshin is also one of my favorites, which is why I'm really looking forward to the live action and I'm pretty confident Takeru Sato will be able to pull it off. My two favorite anime of all time through is NOIR and Read or Die. They're not the best overall, but they're the ones that struck a deep chord with me.

      Are you watching anything new lately?
    9. Nanami Tenkawa
      Nanami Tenkawa
      douitashimashite Sage-kun!
    10. angelicnoir
      lol No worries. I actually love to write, but I'm everyone's IT girl and most of my jobs are related to IT. I think it's odd too.

      I am totally loving Amy Pond. Rose was okay and I just felt so sorry for Martha to really enjoy her as a companion. I really loved Donna because she basically stood toe-to-toe with the Doctor, but her ending was just so freaking sad... *sniff*

      When the Doctor kissed Amy on the forehead during the stone angels episode, I nearly died. My mom ran into the living room thinking I fell or something I squealed so loud, haha.

      You feel old? I'm three years older than you (I think~ lol)

      Because I saw Suzuki Hiroki (Decade alternative universe Kazumi / Blade) in the live action musical of Saiyuki and I thought he was brilliant (and I usually think anime musicals are just... not right...?) that I started watching Saiyuki and I'm loving it so far. I'm rewatching Kenshin again also because the live action is coming out soon and I need to refresh, haha.
    11. angelicnoir
      Bah... essays! I love essays ^_^ (Majored in History, Minored in Philosophy, taking a Journalism certification... yeeeah *peacesign*)

      I'm really loving the 11th Doctor. He's more silly and random than the 10th, but when he gets serious I see that glimmer of David Tennant and Chris Eccleston and it makes me smile. I'm currently watching the Van Gogh episode on my DVR at home.

      I was concerned at first that HJU would be elitist, much like other forums I've attempted to join. However, the atmosphere is really nice compared to others so thankfully, this is the first and only forum I check on a daily basis. w00t ^_^
    12. angelicnoir
      Hmm... Sentai Series is definitely Shinkenger though Deka does come at a very, very close second.

      As for Sci-Fi, I love Star Wars, but I do lean toward TV stuff. My favorite universe is Doctor Who (starting from the 9th Doctor) and then Firefly. I may pick up Battlestar Galactica after I get through some Kamen Rider and anime.

      So, how has HJU changed for you? You mentioned it's a lot nicer now~
    13. angelicnoir
      Disneyland is in California. It is Disney's original theme park.

      Disneyworld is in Florida and is a helluva lot bigger with, I think, four separate theme parks within it.

      I have a good mix of guy and girl friends, lol. I tend to make faster and closer friendships with guys though, I've noticed~ ^_^;

      Almost all my friends are anime and sci-fi fans, but just haven't made the leap to tokusatsu, so I'm kinda in my own little island on that one, lol.
    14. angelicnoir
      Yeah, I haven't been to Disneyworld either, but I really, really want to go. *sigh*

      I'm loving HJU actually. I mentioned on one thread that I'm the only one in my group of friends who is really into tokusatsu or has seen (and enjoyed) any, so HJU is a nice outlet. Everyone here makes me smile lol
    15. angelicnoir
      I was at Disneyland's Tomorrowland in their House of the Future. In the boy's room, there was a pirate inspired bed with the cannon, lol.

      I seriously want that bed. It looks so cool!
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