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Cuddled up to the Roidmudes in the back seat of Tr
Being an undead shaman-wizard

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I liked him when he wasn't a god, from Cuddled up to the Roidmudes in the back seat of Tr

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Jun 10, 2017
    1. gokol
    2. gokol
      I see Magis as Self Sacrficing and shy though kind of a book freak.
    3. gokol
      I had all this progress on this post and then I lost it, I remember the gist. I said the canon goseiger I'd play if any was Red or Pink. Though I've changed my mind and added Black to the list. I said that GoseiKnight didn't count as he is the sixth her. Magis might be up there too, but I can't reveal why to just anyone and finally I asked you if you want to be staff. Oh, and if Magis is up there I am not sure if I'll be able to make good variation on Hyde's personality. New Info
      I thought of it and he needs more then just personality he needs all of his powers, equipment, and what he says the counterpart of "Surging Wave Seaic Power!! Gosei Blue!"
      "Miraculous Surging Waves! Super Gosei Blue"
    4. ForeverRed
      Goseiger is awesome. I don't even understand why all the hate toward at Goseiger.
    5. gokol
      Oh, and Tonight I saw Abaranger VS Hurricanger
      Hurricanger the movie
      and Boukenger the movie.
    6. gokol
      Go to my Kamen Rider VS or Versus Sentai Thread.
      :D I am going to sleep. We might even be good friends eventually.
      I am generally easy to please guy with hardly any concept of favoritism.
      How could I not?
      You're the only Goseiblue fangirl I've seen.
    7. gokol
      How'd you like to play Goseiblue in my RP?
    8. Forever Knight
      Forever Knight
      show me a pic!!!!
    9. Forever Knight
      Forever Knight
      Did you post pictures of urself once?.
    10. Neon
      You seriously need to read what I've posted about both Go-Onger and Shinkenger before you make assumptions about me. I'm not the kind of fan you seem to be making me out to be. I'm actually for comedy series, what I'm not for is bland series.
    11. KaenBurakku
      Hm...if you want a good gif you could see if Kivat JFC (not sure if he still takes requests), waterballoon (I think he started, dunno who else would make him that many Kento Ono gifs in such a short time span XD), or DECADE453145 can help 'ya. XD. Or if you want a GFX avatar you could ask me, Aoiblue, Aoi Kurenai, Nanami Tenkawa, B Samurai, or Signomi, depends on whose style you like more.

      If you wanna stay mysterious...that's awesome too! XD
    12. KaenBurakku
      Hey! Random question for ya: why don't you use an avatar? XD

      Just curious. It's actually kinda cool, it gives you an "unkown and mysterious" vibe.
    13. VideoKidVsTheVoid
      Thanks! It is/was going to be the title of my underground no-budget self-made quasi-autobiographical apocalyptic existential-quest tokusatsu-esq/experimental found footage movie (think quasi-akin to something like "Spectres Of The Spectrum" meets "Ultraman Story" or whatever) about a guy with a TV for a head and a top-loader VCR belt (VHS tapes popped in and shut for different clips/modes/forms) wandering around a post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for the "Last Video Store" and meanwhile using found footage and films clips as stand-ins for thoughts and memories; as well as things like the relationship of airwaves and TV Sets as a metaphor for the brain and mind (immaterial consciousness) and ect. But for now it's just a pipe-dream fanfic movie in my head. I like your name too! It reminds me of the Milky Joe episode of The Mighty Boosh.
    14. Kivat
      That..that was random. :laugh:

      :hmm: Yea, it could use some work. lol I can assure you I am not fat though.
    15. josean06
      LoL love the add to the sig! It's awesome!
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    Cuddled up to the Roidmudes in the back seat of Tr
    Being an undead shaman-wizard
    Favorite Tokusatsu:
    Mirai Sentai Timeranger
    Undead Shaman-Wizard

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