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Jul 27, 2015
Mar 8, 2011
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Just a passing through RP'er

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Jul 27, 2015
    1. MagiPink
      Iota, thank you so much. That and the continuous support on having keeping the rpg going as it had. Everyone's characters will stay alive in my heart, and as odd this might sound so does the rpg, imagining what would have unfold. I am thankful for your support and friendship too.
    2. LawWind
      Yo how are you doing today?
    3. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      I haven't forgotten, dude. I just haven't decided which char to begin with. That, and Work has been hectic, bro. I've also told MagiPink about it.
    4. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      I will...eventually...>___> Been going through one of my phases where I disappear for long periods of time. <___< Wonder where it is I go...
    5. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      He is? Huh, here I was thinking he just had a skin condition. Waka Waka!
    6. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      Still not letting me send you PMs. Oh well we can just talk about it here. So RIght now we have your wolf fantasian riding around on his rocket bike, we have the Wolfen character I need to make soon who will act as Garulu saber for Xeph, and we have the Wolf Undead who you beautifully tied into the story and is about to become a major pain for your little party. Look at that run on sentence. So I have a nice little twist to explain the Battle Royal and an interesting meeting between Delta, Kaixa, Kitsune, and the Wolf Undead planned slightly. My question to you is how your clan get along with the Wolfen who are probably your distant cousins. This all before I reveiw Delta's profile for more info so forgive me for inaccuracies, and miss spelling.
    7. Ziginz Zegell
      Ziginz Zegell
      Hey Iota, why you no except PM? We have wolf fantasians to talk about and plot. So much plot! We got Wolf Undead and Wolfen slaves being turned into swords. So much that can be done!
    8. MagiPink
      *hugs* I'm sorry to hear that. Though it is good to know you're doing okay.
    9. MagiPink
      Just thought I'd drop by and say hi ^_^
    10. Denjin_Zaboga23
      From a Doujinshi.
    11. Zy-volution
      Yeah, I bet she'll get over them and the Empress will go out crying. Altarix will thank her, he hates to be fighting those guys day after day. Of course, once the war is over they will be back with the otaku Empress ready to try to take them all down.
    12. Zy-volution
      Yeah, I supposed that. Besides, it's very unlikely that what happened there would repeat. I just wanted to have a few monsters on there because Altarix is a present time rider, so he still faces them. Probably they will hide when the thing gets ugly and probably comeback once the treat is gone. Besides, once they leave Altarix's town, he might stay to hunt and destroy them (too much hatred, for the same reasons Aranz dislike the mod warriors)

      P.S.: You might like having Aranz showing them they are not made for this war. Very likely, the Empress will retreat... crying. Period.
    13. Ryuutaros
      Hello, so sorry for my departure. I cannot keep up with RPGs anymore. I am so sorry for dropping out! Please understand.
    14. Smilodon
      I'd like to join, but how far has the story progressed? It seems to have moved up a bit...
    15. Smilodon
      I'd love to join. I remember Ryuutaros and I were doing something because he and I were the solo Riders. Has he returned too?
    16. Smilodon
      Didn't Matrix suspend that? He said he had school or something. Did he start it back up again?
    17. FaiaGreen
      Game's going really good so far. Thanks for putting this together.
    18. Tigerhawk21
      I've got a question but I can't PM you (you are accepting them or something). It's about the 'trio' in the game... Wanna talk here or-?
    19. MagiPink
      Would like to let you know that it's okay if it's nearby, but please note that they might not hear the battle taking place with your character due to the one that they are in at the moment. You are free once you've dealt with what is on your end to join the others. Sorry this is reaching you late.
    20. Dark Kabuto
      Dark Kabuto
      Not my RP to run, so it's not my call to make...I'm only responsible for moving the game ahead.
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    I walk my own path in life, it is mine and mine alone. If there is someone I want to save, I will save them. If there is someone who I wish to kill, they will die. This is my belief, my pride, and my way of life. If Heaven and Hell stand in my way, I will watch as they are reduced to naught. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
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