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Dec 4, 2018
Feb 17, 2007
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Nov 23, 1984 (Age: 35)

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Inui Takumi

The Ends JustiΦ's the Means, 35

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Dec 4, 2018
    1. ForeverRed
    2. Aoi Kurenai
      Aoi Kurenai
      Ah. Made you its bitch, did it?
    3. Aoi Kurenai
      Aoi Kurenai
      It's a real vid, it's just a different type of promo...and yeah, metal gear music, everyone is saying that, w00t for not stealing stuff! It looks pretty darn good, it's just weird that they waited until Go-Onger to do that, but having a different studio funding most of the series probably gave them more leeway to do different things. I know, evil, you'll totally end up making a building in the shape of a Engine now.
    4. Aoi Kurenai
      Aoi Kurenai
    5. rosey
    6. ForeverRed
      Hey there. That is so cool when you got Supercop DVD. Take a look at the back of DVD cover, and you see the cast/crew on the bottom. It says "Dimension Films and others..." This movie is a cut, transferred from Dimension Film to Dragon Dynasty. Just like Jet Li's Fist of Legend. Also, My Father's A Hero aka The Enforcer will be UNCUT.

      The Rebel? No, I haven't seen it yet. I heard a great positive about the movie.
    7. ForeverRed
      Hey! Supercop DVD is awesome. Just want to let you know that Supercop is a CUT. Yup. I know it's disappoint, but still the movie is awesome. You should watch Jackie Chan's interview. He wasn't happy with cut version. I know how he feels about. I have the exactly same feeling as Jackie.

      Gosh, I can't forget how awesome this movie was, plus Michelle Yeoh is frickin' hot. lol
    8. Takuya
      hey foo if u get this i'll brb cuz i'm eating dinner
    9. Takuya
    10. Algo Fonix
      Algo Fonix
      Maaaan, someday when you're not busy... me you and Ryou need to watch some more SINS. I think I forgot what episode we were on. XD
    11. Ikusa
      He broke it?.. That blows. :/

      I just found my SNES in the attic, and it still works. It needs to be cleaned though.
    12. x1xBladex1x
      Dream on.
    13. x1xBladex1x
      okay, idk how i got here, I don't remember clicking on your name, but cool. XD
    14. Ikusa
      I grew up playing Street Fighter on the SNES. So like you, I'm better with a d-pad. I can really only play a handful of fighting games with an arcade stick.

      I just like using the arcade stick on old school games, like Street Fighter II and the older Mortal Kombat games.

      Do you still own your Genesis?
    15. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      It's actually a pretty whacked out and extremely Funny J-Drama series.

      Tells the tale of a Dude named Sakaki Makio -- best at fighting thugs, but his mind sucks academically. Because of that, his father, a Yakuza lord, decides to send him back to high school with help from an acquaintance that runs a local high school.

      Hilarity ensues when he has to pose as a 17 year old dude and keep his temper in check. :P
    16. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      Ever heard of My Boss My Hero?
    17. Ikusa
      I need to invest in an arcade stick.
    18. Ikusa
      The 360 controller is just horrible for 2D fighting games. D:

      I'm more of a Ryu user, but Chun-Li is a little badass. She's one of my better characters.
    19. Ikusa
      Unfortunately, Xbox 360. It can be difficult to play at times, due to the 360's horrible d-pad.

      Personally, I had rather have the PS3 controller.
    20. Ikusa
      I finally got my hands on Street Fighter HD Remix. Super addictive.
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