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Ore, Sanjou!, from Washington State

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Oct 29, 2017
    1. xSHiNOx
      Check the Seattle toku meetup topic. Seems there may be another meetup next week.
    2. Galaxian
      Well, my idea for the Dino Minder, and how it was reconstructed, was that after the explosing all that was left of the Dino Minder, the Zero Prototype Suit, and TopGaler was a single white gem (yes I'm taking plot elements from Dino Thunder). So to create a new AbareKiller, Daemos found someone that was compatible with the Zero Prototype Suit, Burai, and and inserted the gem into his arm.

      So TopGaler is already bound to Burai, it's just that his mind is fractured so he can clearly communicate. I'm thinking TopGaler should regain consciousness either right before or right after Burai acquires Dino Guts. Maybe have TopGaler take control over Burai's body at some point, and if the time comes when he needs to have a physical body, if we ever use zords, Burai would have to use that technique that the Gekiranger use to bring out their zords.
    3. Galaxian
      My bad, I was a little distracted when I was writing that post. But now that I think about it, it works that I misspell TopGaler's name, since Burai doesn't know much about Bakuryus.
    4. Project-Trinity
      thanx for your research about the Kiba :D
    5. Undrave
      We need to figure out what Hato could have wished for that would end up with the death of her brother and the destruction of her cafe! Probably something to do with being freed from her responsabilities...
    6. Demetrivamp
      Hey I'm gonna sorta call a break for tonight cause I'm tired *yawns* Night though :3 Thanks for letting me be eternal btw.
    7. Demetrivamp
      Should I post again or let someone else?
    8. Undrave
      I guess I could have Sieg take off on the bike or something... but I'm not sure what else to write so you can always just handle that part of the plot and get us to the coffee shop. I need to get to bed early anyway, big day at work tomorow.
    9. Undrave
      It sure is fun to write for :p
    10. Undrave
      I just thought it would be funny, plus now we got an excuse to use Wing Form if we want. And yeah, my character is becoming a human Momo, the suit just has that sort of effect on him :p
    11. Undrave
      Heabutt BAM! Solves everything... or makes things more complicated, your pick :p
    12. Kamen Rider Rage
      Kamen Rider Rage
      K,thanks for the notice.
    13. Matrixbeast
      Wait...Nevermind. Things seem to be slow enough for me to post :P
    14. Matrixbeast
      Oh sorry. Though Christmas may be over, all my family hasn't left yet. Couple that with college and preparing to move, I haven't had much time recently...Could you take over for Diend and Dark Kabuto until next week (Everything should slow down by then)?
    15. Dark Kabuto
      Dark Kabuto
      You need to learn to have some patience...contrary to what people might say, my attention isn't on HJU all the time.
    16. Dark Kabuto
      Dark Kabuto
      Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust remember that in the future: only to ask me ONCE.
    17. Dark Kabuto
      Dark Kabuto

      Stop asking me will you? I saw you're post and I'll get to it when I get to it.
    18. Tigerhawk21
      Yeah sorry. My computer went a bit crazy on me. Couldn't get out of CAPS and then had to re-install from a BSOD. /Sigh.
    19. KazumI
      ..I see LOL that's good.
    20. KazumI
      Yay! A new friend! =D

      How's it going? xD
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