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    While I'm pretty sure I'll be disappointed, I'm hoping the show will be less gimmicky this time around, as doesn't need cards or spark dolls or whatever. But as I said I'm pretty sure I'll be disappointed but in general Ultraman tends to rely on the story and not the gimmick, and even then they do a better job, in my opinion any way, of incorporating the gimmick into the story as needed.
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    Here's hoping it is as amazing and story driven as Orb.
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    Hope they get the band that did the Ginga opening to do Zeed.
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    Ultraman Xead (or Geed, or Zeed, or something) will begin on July 8th. Ultraman Xead transforms using the powers of two Ultramen contained in special capsules by using a device called the Xead Riser. His base form is a combination of Ultraman and Ultraman Belial.

    As pictured, Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Belial will be major characters in the series, so it's looking like we're finally picking up where Ultra Zero Fight left off. Ultraman Zero will gain a new form in the series called Zero Beyond which combines the powers of Ultraman Ginga, Victory, X, and Orb.

    Ultraman Belial will not only receive a new look, but he can also summon fusion kaiju to fight by his side. His allies include Skull Gomora (Red King and Gomora), Thunder Killer (Eleking and Ace Killer), and Pedanium Zetton (King Joe and Zetton).

    Finally, it turns out that Xead is none other than the son of Ultraman Belial himself. Xead, whose human form is named Riku, must struggle with the fact that one day, he will have to face off against his father in order to save the universe.
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    Oh, joy more Zero shilling. And of course he gets another form. He's the Creator's Pet.

    Xead's story is more interesting. But how long are we going to stick with this nostalgia baiting?
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    At least Tsuburaya does it better than Toei does with Kamen Rider. The former can tell competent stories and develop old characters. The latter has improved in the years since Decade (particularly with getting old actors to reprise their roles on screen) but still seems stuck in "shill this piece of merchandise despite making no sense story-wise" and hooking the audience in with a silly premise.
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    Tons of new scans:


    Info from the scans:

    "There seem to be many riddles hidden within Riku. Does he know what he means by saying he is Belial's son?

    Zeed、an ally of mankind, is the son of the greatest evil in the universe, Belial. What exactly is he?

    Zeed's battle on earth begins! What forms and techniques will he use?

    Is Zeed an evil warrior?!

    Or is he a warrior of justice?!

    His father is a warrior who has fought many heroes and ultra heroes in the past!

    Zeed will protect all of earth from monsters and aliens alike!

    Zeed is a young man who transforms. He will bravely challenge evil with all his power to become the "hero" he has always wanted to be.

    He uses the mysterious capsules packed with the power of Ultra Heroes.

    He transforms into Ultraman Zeed Primitive using the powers of Ultraman and his father!

    Zeed's human name is Riku Asakura and he is played by Tatsuomi Hamada, the kid who played the younger brother of the person Zero possessed during Ultraman Zero the Movie. They have got to tie that into the story somehow. It'd be a big missed opportunity if they didn't.
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    Main characters:
    Raiha Toha - A cool lady who fights against evil aliens.
    Moa Aizaki - A new agent with the AIB organization that deals with evil aliens.
    Reito Igakuri - A man who shares his body with Ultraman Zero. He lends his power to Riku.
    Pega of the Pegassa Aliens - An alien who became Riku's friend after he was saved by him.
    Zena of the Shadow Aliens, Space Guerrilla - A very cool agent belonging to the AIB, forms a special combination with Moa.
    Kei Fukui, the Mysterious Man - He Fusion Rises in order to transform and fight against Shadow. His true identity is unknown.



    Ultraman Geed Solid Burning
    Riku Fusion Rises into this form using the Ultra Seven and Ultraman Leo Capsules. His main weapon is the slugger on his head.

    Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher
    Riku Fusion Rises into this form using the Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Hikari Capsules. Has an impressive beam attack.

    Kei and Geed:


    Riku Fusion Rises into Geed Primative using the Ultraman and Belial Capsules. Hoping to fight, he faces off against the worst monsters with a strong heart.

    Heads into battle against Skull Gomora, a monster that Kei Fusion Rises into using the Gomora and Red King Capsules. Who is the mysterious figure Kei, who uses these two monsters to transform?!

    With the massive figure of Skull Gomora, Kei threatens to destroy the entire city!

    Riku and friends:


    Riku's friends aren't just earthlings but aliens who also wish for peace.

    Pega is an alien from the Pegassa race who is always right behind Riku.

    Raiha Toha is a serious woman who has mastered many forms of martial arts.

    Zena is an alien of the Shadow race who is Moa's boss in the AIB organization.

    Moa is an AIB agent who takes on evil aliens.

    Reito is your average salaryman who happens to transform into Zero.

    Zero's bracelet is broken?! With his bracelet broke, Zero won't be able to use his various powers and forms.
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    Should be an interesting series with the way things are going so far, hopefully crunchyroll airs it.
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    An toy commercial for the henshin device
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    lol they acknowledged Zero is too OP that they had to nerf him for this show. Cool.
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    Ultra Fight Orb last episode had a cameo of sorts for Geed, spoiler warnings for those who haven't seen this particular episode yet, like me.

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    New trailer for Geed


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