New Timeslot for Rider and Sentai

Discussion in 'The ORB - News & Rumors' started by Toku Prime, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    And that is fine, but that doesn't mean I'm just going to stop being upset with the shows for it.
  2. raden238

    raden238 Member

    Will the change in time-slots affect the preempting of Sentai and Rider? Would this mean that Sentai and Rider can all weekly episodes on time?
  3. Amon

    Amon Active Member

    A new time slot won't change the content of the show. Look at the anime airing at 9 AM in Japan, Dragon Ball Super has not shown anything that none of the recent Kamen Rider shows would not allow. Super is just as bloodless as the new Rider shows (Both Kamen Rider and DB use to get away with more violence back in the day).
  4. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Dragon Ball only uses blood when it needs it. Besides, blood doesn't determine if a show is mature or not.
  5. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Then why even bother with them at all? Why not just save themselves money and have the rangers fight air?
  6. Gold Samurai

    Gold Samurai Active Member

    You're not going get sentai show like the ones from the 80s and 90's

    Today's children are less likely to pay attention for more than 3 minutes

    gimmicks and jingles along with a lot of mecha are what makes kamen rider and sentai marketable and profitable

    You're not watching either so why make a fuss about how it's not what you remembered.

    You've outgrown it.
  7. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    What do you mean I'm not watching it? I AM watching it. The only episode of Kyuranger I haven't watched is the latest one.

    I haven't watched Ex-Aid because I haven't had time to watch it.
  8. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    And whose fault is that?

    They were cool from Ryuki through Kabuto. They've gotten more obnoxious and annoying since OOO and Wizard.

    Or they're cutting their losses and going for the LCD. Your statement implies that the shows have always been this way and that we didn't notice until now, when most of us probably were older than the typical viewer even in those days when we discovered these series.
  9. PyroturtleZX

    PyroturtleZX Member

    OR, consider this, you actually have outgrown the series because the series is also an ever-changing growing beast of its own and you don't like the direction that it has headed, which is totally fine but considering a large portion of their target demographic likes what they're doing we're probably getting more of the same.
  10. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Not liking the direction it is going does not mean outgrowing it.

    And clearly their target demographic doesn't like what they are doing seeing as how the shows ratings are getting worse each year.

    What Toei needs to do is get out of their safe space and actually do something completely different as they made it sound like they were going to do with Kyuuranger. That lasted all of 3 episodes.

    Who in Japan is like a modern day Sugimura that could take a spin at the franchise and experiment with it?

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