Kamen Rider Ghost: Game de KAIGAN (3DS) LET'S PLAY

Discussion in 'The LinkCore' started by Thunder025, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Thunder025

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    So, I am recording a let's play series for the eShop exclusive Kamen Rider Ghost: Game de KAIGAN on my YouTube channel and since it bothered some people that I was posting it on the Battleride War thread, I decided to create this thread here.

    All the videos possess English subtitles for the text dialog, so please be sure to turn it on.

  2. MonoBlack

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    i need a way to play this on my eur 3ds
  3. Thunder025

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    There is a way to bypass the region lock on the 3DS using a browser hack. But since this game is a eshop exclusive you'd have to find an ISO and use some form of loader to make it run.

    anyways, here is part 6.


    I'll try to release all the rest this week before I get my copy of Battleride War.
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