HenshinJustice is shutting down

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Gold Samurai, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Dammit Quark. I've had enough of your sass. Banned!
  2. Bigdog

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    Not the one produced by Adi Shankar. The other one that was called MMPR, and was a sort of sequel. Nothing came of it, though I wish things did pan out. The story had promise, though bit cliched, and the actor for Zedd returned in his role. In a way, it reminded me of France Five. I really liked the Power/Rangers film because it was good satire, though I did like the background for the story and exploration of the idea of the original Rangers being child soldiers. Which let's face it, they are.

    Not that I want any reboot to be grim like Iron Blooded Oprhans or Evangelion as I stated in the official thread for the movie, but it's something the series always walked past due to the fact its geared towards children that the crew doesn't have to.
  3. big_j_ny

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    Very true, Aoi.

    For instance, sports forums are still one of the most highly active forums on the interwebs at the moment. The same can also be said about Gaming forums as well. And just to repeat what you said, the "larger geek-centric ones" are also still booming.

    It is just our particular content, Tokusatsu, we don't have a large enough demographic and/or online fanbase to sustain a long-term forum activity like those other forum communities.

    Hell, Rangerboard and Rangercrew are still fairly active in comparison to HJU.......and from an observatory viewpoint, the PR fanbase community has been more active than the overall Tokusatsu community online.

    It is just the nature of the Tokusatsu community being a mere minority of the internet in comparison to other communities, which is why most of the talk has transferred over to social media........since random Toku fans can interact with each other without the need of "being recruited or finding a community" like in years past with online forums.
  4. Herman the German

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    I dunno. I personally don't interact much if at all with any of them traditional social media outlets there is, so... I guess that just makes me an old grumpy guy set in his ways of doing this sort of thing? xD
  5. Mr. Underachiever

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    There really isn't a lot to talk about with Toku anymore. When I joined about a decade ago, there was Sentai, PR, Kamen Rider, Ryuraro, Tomica Hero, Garo, Dragon Knight, Ultraman, Chouseishin, Zaido, and a bunch of French, Korean, and Chinese series too.

    Now, it's pretty much just PR, Kamen Rider, and Sentai. If you don't like those, or want something else, it doesn't seem like there's anything out there that people are talking about or excited about, except maybe Armor Hero. So it's no surprise this site isn't very active anymore.

    Scaring away all the females that used to post here probably didn't help matters much either.
  6. Khaiden

    Khaiden Heroes are forever

    There's a lot to talk about, even if it's less franchises. Kamen Rider keeps putting out more and more content apart from the main series each year. Super Sentai has not done as much as Rider, but they don't remain long without doing something interesting now, like the returning Gokaigers and Gavan vs Dekaranger this year.

    I know little about Ultraman so I can't say much, but going on Crunchyroll has been a huge deal.

    It just doesn't happen here. It is true, though, that forums haven't really died out as Aoi said. It's true that the fanbase is smaller than others, but looking at sites such as Reddit, 4chan, Facebook and Twitter I don't understand why exactly most of those people prefer it over forum discussion.

    Well, whatever the case, I hope this site remains around for a while and resurrects some day, who knows? I will always have something to talk about when it comes to Kamen Rider. I will continue to lurk around ocassionally.
  7. Edmond Dantes

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    Just saying, I don't fully buy the "social media killed the internet forum" thing. Its kind of like saying that the telephone killed face-to-face meeting.

    (also, umm, I thought forums WERE social media)
  8. Geki night

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    I doubt social media has killed forums. It really depends on the main topic. Take Pokémon for example, Serebiiforums and Bulbagarden Forums are just as popular/active as they were years ago.

    I'm suddenly reminded of that boys' only thread from a few years ago.
  9. Kivat

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    Hmm, ok I have a terrible idea. Let's change the branding and the overall genetic makeup of HJU. We'll now be the masters of one, instead of the jack of all trades. I say we pick something popular like the game Overwatch, or something delightfully obscure like vitamins..
  10. Khaiden

    Khaiden Heroes are forever

    Yeah... they should be considered as that, shouldn't they?

    As I said, Toku is still actively talked about in Twitter, Facebook, etc. so I don't understand why that activity is not around in forums anymore.

    I don't recall one. There was a girls-only thread and a machine-only thread that I created.
  11. Edmond Dantes

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    Like I said, I'm sure people saw the title of this thread and mistook it for an official announcement. I know that was the only reason I myself clicked this topic.

    So please, let's change the title. Like "No, HJU is not shutting down, but I do wish there was more going on."
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    I can change, I can be a good boy!
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    Hey, did I miss the going-out-of-business sale?
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    After getting false deceptive site warnings for so long, suddenly the title of this topic doesn't seem so far fetched anymore.
  15. mbozzo

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    ;) I was sad to see it go, but I'm glad that it came back.

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