[J-TALK] Henshin Hotties Ver. 4. Cosplay: Yes. Roleplay: No. (Please I.D. all pics you post)

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    Come to think of it, which recent Sentai actress (part of the team) hasn't done gravure work)? I'm have a feeling even Rina from Drive has done gravure.
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    It's sad how slow this thread has become, I remember the good old days when we had constant updates. I blame AKB!!! just kidding!!! :p

    Here is Yoko Mitsuya, famous for playing Kamen Rider L'arc from the Kamen Rider Blade movie and Decade.

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    *JFC walks in.

    So at the end of this month (November 2016) Uchida Rio (Kiriko from KR Drive) is releasing not one, but TWO photobooks. To promote said photobooks, she's set up a website for them. There are a few previews from each photobook on the website. Also, if you take your mouse pointer and click the circle in the middle of the screen, her asses spin. If you actually click her ass, it talks. :coolshades:

    LINK - www.lespros.co.jp/special/rio_uchida/photoalbum2016/

    *JFC walks out.
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    Cross-posting this here.

    - http://aramajapan.com/news/fumika-s...ntertainment-to-devote-herself-to-cult/70942/
    - http://www.hochi.co.jp/entertainment/20170212-OHT1T50021.html

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