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Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Gold Samurai, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Slowpoking reply but Class definitely hasn't set the world afire, it's digital airing is struggling, we'll see if that changes for its terrestrial broadcast.

    Also was your Torchwood thing a typo? No Doctor (other than Peter Capaldi not as the Doctor) has ever been in Torchwood. RTD didn't want to put the Doctor in something he felt children shouldn't watch. Tennant and Smith each got 1 appearance in SJA but that's as far as the Doctor in RTD era spin-offs went.
  2. Class is looking really really good so far.
    No, it's not "Children of Earth", but it's probably the second best thing in Whoverse after that.
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    Not even close.

    Nobody's been watching it either. Record low viewing figures on I-Player
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    Slowpokng once again to chime in and agree with Skyknight. Class is up there with Torchwood certainly, but it's up there with s1 and Miracle Day for being one of the worst contributions to Who. (Okay it's not Miracle Day bad, but still).

    Though it didn't have "record low" viewing figures on iPlayer, it just couldn't get into the top 10. Which considering it's iPlayer original programming and everything in the top 10 was mostly second hand catch up views for stuff that already aired on TV that's about as devastating as if it had been record low. It's also dying an impressive death in its current TV airing for both viewing figures for its timeslot and AI figures.
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    Sadness all around as Peter Capaldi confirms that he's leaving at the end of this year. The 2017 Christmas episode will be his last (and Moffat's too).

    Apparently there will be mostly single episode stories this year in order to give Bill as many different adventures as possible with 12 before he goes.

    The actor who played Ram in Class has confirmed that he will be in one episode of series 10.
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    Source on the Bill thing? I know Capaldi said in his BBC radio interview that the series is mostly stand alone but there is an arc story that becomes apparent as you pull into the end.

    The Ram thing afaik still isn't outright confirmed? It's just assumed because he listed Doctor Who on his CV, but he did it back before Class ever aired and it's still unknown if he actually means the parent show or his agent just advised him "Doctor Who" would sound better than "Class".

    In regards to Capaldi's exit 3 series in 4 years is fast becoming the done thing for Doctors these days it seems.

    Gonna miss both Capaldi and Moffat but I am glad at least that Moffat gets to write Capaldi's exit and while I don't want him to go, a clean break for a new showrunner and Chibnall to reinvent the show the same way Moffat did back at Series 5 is definitely appealing. I'm really hoping s10 is as great as what s9 was or close to but we'll see. Tennant and Smith only got 1 incredible series each so Capaldi would have to be breaking the mold to get another, but I'll live in hope.

    Not sure what to expect from Chibnall going forward, his best Doctor Who work has been only good, his worst has been pretty poor and most of it has been no better than just decent. We shall see though, he'll have more opportunity to create his own vision with the show than his past episodes, and he managed to make s2 of Torchwood amazing (even his episodes) after an abysmal s1 which included him writing one of the worst episodes of anything ever contributed to the Who universe.
    Hopefully he'll cast Bertie Carvel as the next Doctor Who and that'll have me fully on board.
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    Mark Gatiss episode confirmed to have the Ice Warriors returning in their second appearance in the new series.

    It's also being reported by RadioTimes that Chibnall's s11 will begin filming early 2018 and will be airing Autumn that year. Also as a surprise to no one it's been confirmed that Chibnall will be the one leading the team casting the new Doctor who's almost certainly going to debut at the end of the 2017 Christmas special.
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    If so that's cool. He's the only one from Class I would love to see as a companion on Doctor Who.
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    Came here to share the Master returning vid, to find it already had been. Not a surprise but definitely great news regardless.

    I do love that since Moffat brought the Master back she's been able to just pop up in stories like she used to in the classic show rather than have to be saved for the big stories and go years without appearing like in RTD's era. Also helps that Michelle Gomez is the best Master since Delgado. =P

    I'd really like for Missy to be a big part of Capaldi's regeneration (and I think she will be) given how big a part she's been of his Doctor's era.
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    Finally got around to watching my BD for Power of the Daleks. Grabbed it at release but hadn't gotten round to it till yesterday.

    It's a really great story, and one of the incredibly few that does something unique and interesting with the Daleks. It wasn't my first time going through it having sat through the reconstruction years ago, but that just made me all the happier to go through it again in a much more engaging way. It's a great release and I do hope we can get more animated reconstructions like it in the future.

    More detailed review in spoilers since it's a bit long.
    [HIDE]The story opens as the very first post-regen story and it's absolutely perfect at making the audience feel uneasy with this new Doctor (taking it in the context of the time when there's no precedent for what just happened). He doesn't act the same, he has some very suspicious moments, even Ben doesn't trust him and most of all he seems to flip himself between talking about "The Doctor" as another man. On the other hand, he seems to remember and know things that only The Doctor would and Polly seems to trust him, giving you just enough trust in the idea that he may still be the Doctor. What makes it work so well is that Troughton is such a wholly new Doctor, and Troughton is such a secretive Doctor which makes it so easy to be suspicious of him. Obviously the aim of the story is to convince you that this man is in fact the same Doctor, and what's the best way to do this? Have the Doctor defeat his greatest foe the Daleks.

    The Daleks in this are intelligent, threatening and manipulative, it's just great to see Daleks downplay themselves and manipulate others into giving them what they want in seemingly innocent ways when only the audience and the Doctor know better. It's a rare well paced 6 part story for the classic show, creating an interesting separate but overlapping story to complement the Dalek story. The characters are well put together and most have their own motivations that are well constructed, and the strength of this story is what allows the Dalek side of it to so effectively be put aside to a slow building threat in the background. All story you know the Daleks are coming, and as it progresses you really see them amount a terrifying force, but it's not until right at the end when the Daleks roll out in thier full force and unleash a mad slaughter. If the non-Dalek parts of the story hadn't been so well done it'd just be a dull story you wait for the Daleks to finally appear, but thanks to the strength of the story it allows the Daleks to be more menacing and intimidating as this slowly mounting threat unlike we've ever seen them before and just gives the story such amazing suspense.

    Of course by the end of the story The Doctor has done some amazing things and saved the day from the Daleks who even seemed to instinctively recognise him, so surely this man must be the same Doctor we've always known even if in many ways completely different. It really is to Troughton's and the writers and producers credit that his Doctor is so different and yet the story really by the end convinces you he must be the same man. Had we just had Hartnell-lite it's very hard to imagine people being as interested in the show long term and it'd have made it much less likely the people making the show in later eras would look for something so different and unique from each new Doctor, which is where the shows greatest strength really lies.

    The animation itself is very clearly a budget effort, but that's to be expected given the niche appeal of such a release. Given the budget nature of it, I think it's a wonderful job, it tries really hard to capture the feeling of the era and there's a great faithfulness in capturing the exact motions from the surviving clips as best they can. It always very apparent the limitations of the animation, it's at times jerky and you always have a sense of assets being moved independently, but it's not far short of other current successful budget animations like Archer and definitely strong enough to keep the story engaging and entertaining and very of era. It very much is a great effort from the animators that they could put together such a good product on what were definitely limited resources and I really hope to see more lost serials brought back to life in this way. It's so much easier and more inviting to sit down to an animation than any of the other options available for a missing story and I can now come back to one of my favourite Troughton stories without a moan and a groan about having to sit through either a dull clipshow reconstruction or an audio drama of a story not designed as one.[/HIDE]
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    It's been announced that episodes 11 and 12, the two-part series finale, will feature the Cybermen as they looked back when they were first introduced when the First Doctor encountered them. This is being called their 'Mondasian' form.

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    The official Doctor Who twitter channel has stated that the actor playing the 13th Doctor will be revealed this coming Sunday.

    The Wimbledon tennis championship is one of the four grand slams and the men's singles finale typically gets massive ratings in the UK. The championship is being broadcast by the BBC in the UK, and the big reveal will follow this match.
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