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    Time for the big anniversary series aka Gokaiger.


    "So what is so special here?"

    Thanks to the garbage new character limit this hinders the plot synopsis shtick.... Which is why for Gokaiger specifically I am going to do one episode per post!

    "Wait what?"


    "But opinions when?"

    After episodes 17, 34, and the end. The movie will be covered between eps 23 and 24.
    Episode 1:

    YES, TV-NIHON! Green lasers come from the sky, the narrator noting this is Earth's greatest crisis! Ignoring the time an esper witch queen from another dimension invaded for having warped ideas of beauty, the time the anti-bio particle robots arrived, the time Gozma almost ate it, the time mutants tried to alter every animal for experimentation, the time Vulgyre almost achieved immortality, the time that other group of reality warpers came to have petty squabbles, the time Satan woke up, the time a mechanical alien dragon almost blew everything up of martial arts tribes, the time Bomber almost destroyed the sun, the time Exhaust had a biker gang ravage everything, the time a pirate controlled planet eater woke up, the time the embodiment of negative energy showed up, the time Gien likely wrecked Toei's tokusatsu continuity so bad Decade had to unite some dimensions, the time nihilistic alien ninjas showed up, the time machines from another dimension almost polluted the tar out of it, or when the Gedoushu almost flooded the Earth with a limbo realm of negative emotion blood water. But hey, maybe THIS alien invasion can compare! The Zangyack, who are on the verge of conquering the galaxy (where are the Space Sheriffs?) via destructive rampages to bring humans into despair. However, with love, dreams, and peace the previous 34 sentai teams show up to say no with their fists. Lets just assume Peebo came back for the Biomen, the Zyurangers were allowed back on Earth by DaiZyuZin, the Timerangers trained for this event in their history, Tetom gave the Gaoranger powers back after living on the Moon, and the Engines came back when contacted by their Go-Onger partners.... And I just noticed Dragon Ranger and Abarekiller are in there, maybe GaoGod did more afterlife revival shenanigans here. Anyway, the teams charge into what would become the Legendary Great War. This is cool although only the Gaorangers get a group shot, really odd. The Zangyack ships go laser happy after the gormins are slaughtered, Aka Red tells them to unite their power so all of the rangers turn into balls of light to ram into ships, blowing them up. However, their power faded into deep space and the battle faded into legend (probably the robot kurokos from Hurricanger). Time passed, we see a space ship called Gokai Galleon, on it a bird named Navi senses Earth approaching aka the galaxy's most precious treasure. The pirates aboard are interested in this galactic treasure (probably a metaphor since a ton of empires and creatures were fended off over the decades). Minor debate on Earth being a backwater world is mentioned, but their captain says it will be worth it as his right hand touches keys that look like past rangers. Suddenly, Zangyack ships show up, the captain has them fight. Que the theme song!

    Gokai Galleon moves forward, a zugormin wants the bounty on their heads and has them fire. Galleon Cannons from the side and the sword on the bow cause damage during the attack when it transforms into Gokaioh, slashing and shooting things up! First sentai series to not show the robot formation sequence during the introduction. Once the ships are gone, Gokai Galleon heads to Tokyo, anchors down, and the pirates introduce themselves wondering where the galaxy's greatest treasure is. The citizens have no idea what they are talking about including Pink embarassing some random dude with glasses. Yellow asks what to do, Red says they should eat. Green points out they have no currency so Yellow has to sell one of her rings. Meanwhile, the Zangyack send another wave, this time commanded by their admiral, Warz Gil, who wants to show off their fleet's might. He is informed the advanced team was destroyed and demands records of what happend. He mentions the Gokaigers, saying they are but flies, Damaras points out that is stupid which gets hm super angry in a comedic way. At a jewler they get 10 million for the ring, Yellow notes it is a loan and she wants interest. Red sends them to a Snack Safari not unlike the one from Sun Vulcan. Blue wonders how they will find the treasure just before the food is served.... And debris flies into the restaurant. The money is ruined which causes Yellow to freak out. Zangyack ships attack, Green noting the Gigant Horse, the flagship, is leading them. This indicates they are serious about planetary conquest. Red tells them to get back to the Gokai Galleon.

    Gormins lead by zugormins and a guy named Shikabanen are unleashed for mayhem and beating people up. Never knew staffs worked like RPGs. Pink is horrified by Shikabanen attacking a teacher with small kids. The Gokaigers comment that, like their planet, Earth might become Zangyack territory. Shikabanen is about to shoot when Red decides to shoot first. The five walk forward in slow motion as Shikabanen notes they are wanted. He wants them to leave, but they refuse, giving speeches before transforming and doing intros. Cutlasses and flintlocks are used in the grunt smackdown. The teacher thinks they are the 35th sentai team- oh hey they use grappling hooks! Plus this is well done stunt and wire work, dayum! Blue uses swords to slice rocket propelled grenade shots being the main highlight although Yellow using wires with two swords was neat too. After that they transform into the Gorengers, the teacher telling her students this whle wondering how. The Gorenger Hurricane is used to create a dump truck the sucks up hilariously dumbfounded gormins and drives off. The zugormins attack, demonstrating their jumping powers while the Gokaigers become the Shinkengers followed by the Magirangers- HAHAHAHA MAGI BLUE AND MAGIYELLOW ARE GENDERBENT! Elemental powers finish them off, leaving only Shikabanen for an all out assault. The Gokaigers turn back to normal to go slice happy followed by the Final Waaaaaaave which is all five throwing energy cutters via their cutlasses, destroying Shikabanen. Yellow is bummed they are hunted by the Zangyack now while the teacher and children thank them. Only Pink cares about this while Red says they can repay them with new rice curry. Green ends the episode telling the children they do not need to thank them. Not a bad ending theme, amusing when Liveman gets mention Blue is kissed by a dolphin. Nxt episode shows Navi mentioning a human in black and the first kaiju battle of the series.

    Shikabanen: Powers include an energy rifle, shoulder lasers, and body rockets
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    Episode 2:

    On Gokai Galleon Green notes the Zangyack have established an orbital sector near the moon. Yellow wonders about the treasure and Red wants Navi to do her fortune telling shtick. She mentions someone in black clothes will visit them, Pink wondering what the hell. A nameless boy on a bike looks at Gokai Galleon before riding off. The Gokaigers head to a plaza with walking people, many wearing black including Agent Smith cosplayers. Nameless boy claims he knows about the treasure to the pirates, leading them to a dock with boats loaded on car trailers (seriously, the hell?), mentioning the sentai they turned into were legendary heroes. Nameless boy takes a picture with his cellphone and tries to snatch a key, but Red catches on, forcing the thief to bike off. Blue notices during the struggle he took a ranger key, Red says they should go after him. On Gigant Horse, Warz Gil gets pissy and wants his next action commander sent out, the next one being a guy named Bongun. Damaras wonder why the Gokaigers are on Earth before cutting to Red and Pink bickering about whatever while the others wait under a loaded boat. Red catches up to nameless boy wanting the key back, he will not give it back because the Gkaigers will not protect Earth and sentai are Earth's property (the Flashmen are not, but semantics). His dad died in the Legendary Great War which causes Red to have a flashback where he fought gormins and a zugormin unarmed until he was saved by AkaRed who was the one who gave him the ranger keys and Navi before charging into combat. Nameless boy says he does not want anyone else killed just as Bongun leads gordes of gormins, Yellow punches Green in the nose for no reason. Bongun attacks buildings, civilians flee only for gormins to shoot them with rifles (muskets?) like in older sentai series. Red offers him his morpher to use the key to prove himself. He does so, turning into Shinken Red and holds his own, Pink wondering why the hell Red allowed this. Green points out he is just a kid when Bongun shows up to beat him up. Thanks to Toei editing that puts them on a roof, the boy gets slapped off and turns back into his civilian form. Nameless boy is sad, Red points out there is a different way to save his planet and he must figure it out. Red asks if hs planet has value and he replies all of it has value including the Gokaigers. After that the team runs off.

    Bongun keeps rampaging with his crew, the Gokaigers show up to transform and do intros. Red starts off shooting grunts followed by the others and they charge in. So actiony, I miss mook fights like this. Zugormins prove their claws can fire blue energy blasts before the Gokaigers use the Final Wave, allowing for energy cutters and rapid fire flintlock firing. Bongun goes gun happy on them shortly after. The Gokaigers turn into the Dekarangers to shoot his rockets followed by shooting him. Bongun charges and the Gokaigers turn into the Hurricangers who use the door silhouette slicing. This is followed by them turning into various red rangers for fire attacks, claws, and sword play. Barizorg notes Warz Gil will be pissed off, Insarn says she has a new invention for this, specifically a pair of purple laser guns that revive and grow monsters, but she never thought she would use it on a backwater planet like Earth. Bongun and three zugormins are revived and grown giant sized, Red calls the Gokai Galleon to pick them up via underside ropes. Galleon Cannons and ramming are used by the ship unloads four other equally big vehicles that each fire lasers. After that they fly to the moon and combine, forming Gokaioh. The mecha heads down, flips around with a pair of swords to fight the giants. Quite the CGI backflips. Bongun holds Gokaioh in place for the zugormin to attack, but a cannon pops out of its torso called the the Gokai Star Burst to destroy it followed by Bongun. The explosion is nice, but Gokaioh blocks it. At sunset the heroes fly off, talking about the boy except for Red who is on the bow. Navi says she was right as a person in black robes reveals hmself on a rooftop, his identity being MagiRed. Gotta love how the ending has Green being abused. Next episode shows Red and Green separated from the others, the latter being scared.

    Bongun: Powers include a semi automatic rocket launcher and a blade in the left hand
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    Episode 3:

    Yellow is on crow's nest duty as the radar is on the fritz. Blue blames Navi for faulty navigation, Pink wonders if the Zangyack are doing this as it fogs up outside. A zangyack battleship crashes into Gokai Galleon and starts laser spamming. Red fires Galleon Cannons, blowing it up before it makes a rough landing. Green complains once they are off when explosions occur, the cause being an action commander named Salamandam. Red jumps down from his ship and the Gokaigers transform. Gormins charge in to get beaten up, Salamandam goes after Green who accidentally uses kicking humor. Salamandam forces his whip underground to cause an eruption while Warz Gil gets pissy because volcanoees are not being erupted and Gokaigers are alive. After the eruption, Red wakes up Green as the explosion sent them flying into a forest. MagiRed shows up in his black cloak, confirming he knows where the greatest treasure is. He jumps down from a cliff without his positive energy powers (of course) and wants them to catch him for him to tell anything. Green thinks they need proof of ths, but Red chases off anyway. The others call while slaying gormins that circles them followed by turning into random black rangers. MagiRed summons his elemental form to surround the two in a ring of fire, Red thinks they should plow through it despite Green saying he is more of a calculating guy. Red throws him and Red charges through, the fire revealing to be an illusion. More gormins go down when Salamandam shows up to screw with them. MagiRed leads the two into a cave where a giant boulder is sent, the two Gokaigers run for it until Red throws his sword in the ground to send the boulder over them. The others then turn into white rangers to fight Salamandam who then burrow after being assaulted.

    MagiRed has Red and Green jump from on tall cliff on a shore to another, it looks similar to where they shot the Gaoranger movie. Red jumps, but Salamandam catches him. After brief fighting h is sent into the ocean and Red uses his cutlass to hand on the cliff side. Green gets super afraid until he notices a boulder about to come down on his captain. Using his cutlass, Green cuts a bamboo stick to pull volt over and shoot the rock. He almost makes it, but MagiRed catches him. After that he tells Green if they obtain all the powers of their predecessors they will find the greatest treasure in the galaxy while Red is still hanging. The others show up just as Red climbs up the cliff, Salamandam still wanting to fight so more transforming followd by intros occur. Flintlocks fire on him before Salamandam sends in three zugormins to help him out. Once they go down, the action commander does enough eruption followed by a fire ball. After that the Gokaigers become the Magirangers complete with new email phone spells that wrap up Salamandam in his own whips, allowing for assaults. After that is the Final Wave featuring big energy bullets. Boom! Insarn uses the enlargement lasers on the action commander and his three zugormins, Red sends in Gokai Galleon, the vehicles go into orbit, and Gokaioh forms. It teleports back to Earth and the zugormins TURN INTO FIGHTERS. Nice homage to the older series! Green thinks he has a new Magiranger power so everyone activates in, MagiDragon appears as part of Gokaioh. The zugormins are quickly taken down by dragon fire and wing slicing. It then entraps Salamandam in three magic circles, causing him to explode- THESE CAMERA ANGLES ANNOY ME. MagiRed thanks Flagel, his elemental, who flies off. Navi gets an apology from Yellow and Green says they have her trust now, ending the episode with her giving sass. Amusingly the in the ending theme the Gokaigers fight someone in a panda costume when referencing the Gekirangers. Next episode shows Blue using his sword a lot.

    Salamandam: Powers include two bladed claws for the right hand that emits energy cutters, a pair of whips on the left arm, a whip on the left shoulder that causes eruptions, burrowing by spinning, high jumping, and right hand fire balls
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    Episode 4:

    People gather to see Gokaioh, the Gokaigers wonder what other sentai powers their mecha can have, starting with JAKQ. This fails and they try Battle Fever J, another failure which bores the public. After that, Gokai Galleon heads off and Blue mentions acquiring powers will be hard. Red points out it is lunch time. On Gigant Horse Zodomasu introduces himself to the villains. He cuts up an apple super fast, Warz Gil being impressed and even munching on it. Damaras sends him to cut up the planet. Meanwhile, Blue and Pink go shopping, some fliers of past sentai restaurants being shown. They see Zodomasu doing a rampage and confront him, the others going down via rope soon after. After they transform and do intros, Zodomasu mentions their bounty and gormins charge in to get taken out. Blue duels with Zodomasu complete with Toei editing from a rooftop to a garage. Barizorg gets smack from Damaras for his new action commander. Zodomasu then summons a bunch of after image swords to bring Blue down, injuring him. Zodomasu leaves just as the others show up. Blue gets angry as he stands up, wanting to win himself. Later, lunch is served, mainly ham and eggs, Pink wonders where Blue is. Cut to a bamboo forest where Blue uses a cutlass ad what I think is a wakizashi to deflect random swords he set up. Pink sees this and almost interrupts him, resulting in his left arm being cut. Pink gives a speech about teamwork, Blue says it is none of her business, and forced emotional music is done after more talking. Warz Gil is angry Zodomasu walked off, Barizorg saying Blue practices with two handed techniques- Wait how the hell would he know that? Pink whines to Red to no avail that night, Yellow later giving her a jacket while they are in the crow's nest. Yellow mentions Blue has swordsman pride or whatever, making him alone and super serial. Eventually Blue cuts a flying sword down the middle.

    Yellow and Pnk sleep on a couch until Navi detects Zangyack activity that morning. Blue walks in the forest, Pink shows up to stop him and give him her cutlass because teamwork goes both ways. On a shore Zodomasu awaits Blue for a duel, the latter transforming before they both charge. Zodomasu summons more flying swords while three zugormins restrain him, forcing him to take blows. Zodomasu points out only winning matters, about to kill Blue, but Pink transforms to help him out until the gormins block him. The others jump down from Gokai Galleon to shoot him. Blue continues his duel whiile the others fend off the grunts. The others turn into Gekirangers to fight the zugormins followed by the Dekarangers to finish them off. Blue cuts through his sword to stab Zodomasu. After that he uses sword-like tentacles, Insarn bragging about this being power being from her. Blue is injured so Red has the others throw their swords which has the weapons combined at the hilts. This works via spin attack and fast reflexes that shatter the bladed tentacles. He then gets some ranger keys out to use the Final Wave himself, manifesting previous blue rangers followed by his charged up blades. Warz Gil throws a fit and Insarn does enlargement revival on him and the zugormins, the latter combining into a glider so Zodomasu can pretend he is the Green Goblin. Red calls Gokai Galleon, they head up via ropes, vehicles go into orbit, and Gokaioh is formed followed by MagiDragon emerging from the torso for an aerial fight. Zodomasu uses flying swords until two zugormins get burned, allowing the Gokai Star Buster to finish the third. MagiDragon uses its mystical circles to blow Zodomasu up. The episode ends with Blue backing a thank you cake with fruits on it while acting shy. Next episode shows Red arrested and the Dekarangers.

    Zodomasu: Powers include speed, a sword that can release energy cutters that can cut buildings, high jumping, summoning flying swords, and body bladed tentacles
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    Episode 5:

    Oh hey, DVD rips! On Gokai Galleon, or GG as I will call it to save on time from now on, Green and Pink serve food as Yellow looks at their bounties on a galactic newspaper. How they GET this paper is anyone's guess. Red calls Navi a bird which offends her. She tells them to ask the cops to finds stuff. They head on foot to a police station, Green points out Navi was right before when others doubt. Red walks in asking for the galaxy's greatest treasure. DekaYellow happens to be there to arrest him for his bounty. Red comments she is blind to work for th Zangyack and she denies this. Yellow tells the others to run for it. Red manhandles the cops while cuffed and DekaYellow calls it in as he escapes to a train yard. DekaMaster shows up to handle him, Red noting he is an Anubis Seijin before they fight. Toei editing takes us to a warehouse where DekaMaster refrains from cuff cutting and takes Red's mobirate. Gormins show up, DekaMaster hides himself and Red as the action commander named Bramdo aka an alienizer Trigger Seijin. He reveals he has underground missiles, four to be exact, to destroy cities around the world as Warz Gil points out. Insarn mentions they were very costly while DekaMaster states he destroyed multiple planets and is approved to be deleted. Red points out he should do something since the missiles will go off in two hours. Bramdo spots them, words are exchanged, and gormins go in to fight. The others detect Zangyack activity while Red demands DekaMaster undo the cuffs so he can fight. Both are forced to retreat to a random garage- WHAT IS WITH THIS EDITING!? Bickering ensues with a shaky camera, DekaMaster even saying he can run, but the cuffs stay and he will be tracked to Hell. Red notices he is bleeding, a flashback inticates he was shot near his right kidney. The others encounter zugormins leading gormins in the train yard so they transform. DekaMaster notices he only has forty five minutes left, his blood drops gives him away to Bramdo who shoots him off some stairs. Red swings on via a chain to save him. Bramdo shoots the roof, causing a collapse.

    The others lay gormins like no tomorrow followed by turning into the Go-Ongers for weapon displays. They turn into the Dairangers soon after for martial arts shenanigans, Green even using a broom for more whackiness followed by ki balls just before the sun sets. DekaMaster asks Red why he saved him, he replies it was payback for earlier. Red acknowledges he can never escapes and he fights for his pride, the ntire galaxy being his enemy which is what being a pirate means. DekaMaster is moved enough to uncuff him, not trusting him as a pirate, but trusting his pride as he gives back his mobirates. Red confronts Bramdo and his squad, transforming and slaying the grunts via swordplay as the opening plays. Bramdo goes in, allowing Red to shoot the terminal and stopping the missiles from going off. The others reunite with him as DekaMaster shows up, intros being given before charging in and turning into the Dekarangers for baton and gun play. The Strike Out is used on him, DekaMaster praises their teamwork, an angry Warz Gl demands Insarn use the enlargement ray, and Bramdo grabs an underground missile. Red has the gokai machines form Gokaioh as they teleport in offscreen, giant monster fighting ensues once Gokaioh throws the missile into the Zangyack fleet. The power of the Dekarangers is unlocked, allowing Gokaioh to form PAT Striker, a giant patrol car that does ramming, rides on building walls, and fires blue lasers from the headlights. It also gives Gokaioh a pair of laser guns to duel with Bramdo properly. He kicks up a building which Gokaioh shoots up followd by him. The Gokai Full Blast, six gatling guns doing an all out assault, terminates Bramdo. That morning the cops surround the Gokaigers until DekaRed appears. From the department, he states all of the Gokaiger's crimes were fabrications of the Zangyack so they are dismissed. DekaRed claims he will not forgive misuse of their powers as the Gokaigers had off in slow motion. Next episode shows Yellow as a maid.

    Bramdo: Powers include two pistols and an underground missiles while giant sized
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    Episode 6:

    Yellow likes looking at jewels from the jewelry store in episode 1 with Green. Some snobby girl named Komaki pushes her wants the entire stock of jewelry and has a fancy credit card to prove she is the real deal. Some dude in glasses complains about her jewel shopping when she just walks away. Yellow comments she does not get the value of money. Glasses guy takes a liking to Yellow as he shows off his bling, Green thinks he is a fishy creep. Yellow agrees to work with the guy for some reason. After that Green collcts jewels aboard GG, the others finding it weird too, Rd thinking this is trouble. At a mansion Yellow dresses up as a maid as glasses guy shows her his prized stuff, she thinks he is a creep too. His most prized possession being guarded by lasers, the possession being a golden fruit tree. Barizorg tells Warz Gil about it and how what it touches turns to gold. Insarn thinks of the weapon possibilities and Barizorg introduces a sneaky action commander named Nanonanoda who brags about getting through any security. Meanwhile, Yellow starts by cleaning his daughter's room, soon noticing a weird dirty plush toy. Komaki stops her and throws a fit. Yellow complains to the others via mobirate while Green looks up info on the guy because GG has wif. Nanonanoda gets hit by a truck before getting inside the mansion. He sees the golden fruit tree, gets around lasers, Kamoki and Yellow see him, and he gets called out which activates the lasers. He chases them outside, her dad only being concerned about the tree as Nanonanoda goes after him next until Yellow does kick attacks. She fends off the action commander easily, Yellow wanting a raise during the fight because this comedy is really stupid. Nanonanoda calls this situation vexing before Yellow transforms for more melee assaulting. After that she turns into Sun Vulcan for swiping and for people that whined about the lack of a female ranger in 1981. After that she turns into a Bouknger to send her flying, now happy she is getting a million yen. Glasses guy goes to update his security and Kamoki is sad.

    Kamoki pets ger plush rabbit as Yellow wonders why she did not care. Sh mentions how everything changed since her dad got that tree and how they were super poor. The rabbit, named Usa-chan, was an old birthday present of her's from him. She tries to spend more money so they can be poor again. Yellow spews greedy words while that night she heads to GG to shoot darts at a drawing of her.She gets a flashback about being homeless with friends and how miserable it was. Blue talks to her about how money is her dream. She denies this, saying if she said her dream it will not come true. The next day Nanonanoda returns with some gormins, Navi detects this, and th Gokaigers want Yellow's answer. GG anchors itself and all five decide to attack although Pink tells Yellow to head inside while they transform to fight grunts. Blue duels with Nanonanoda briefly as the mansion is on fire. Kamoki tries to get Usa-chan and her dad writes Yellow's check for her. She decides to get Usa-chan for Kamoki, transforming followed by becoming GoGo-V to extinguish the fire. Toei editing takes the fight with the Zangyack to a plaza where the Gokaigers become JAKQ. Gotta like how Green smacks gormins with their own weapons before they use the Covack. Yellow gives Kamoki her rabbit back, her dad briefly remembers it and wonders why she still has it. The tree melts and he is sorry for neglecting her. Yellow turns into Carranger to speed off and slide into Nanonanoda. After that she uses two cutlasses on wires to cut up the action commander followed by the Final Wave being executed, all composed of energy cutters. Warz Gil is displeased as Insarn uses the enlargement ray, Red calls GG for Gokaioh to be formed on the moon, and fighting ensues.... Which quickly ends by way of gatling guns that send him into orbit. The episode ends with Yellow giving her check back and having a couple of rings. Next episode shows Master Sha Fu and the Gekirangers training the Gokaigers in partial arts.

    Nanonanoda: Powers include teleportation, invisibility, and left hand fire balls
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    Episode 7:

    Rd plays darts on GG while Blue does pushups ands the others cook. Yellow demands Green fix the monitor which leads to slapstick. Red wants Navi to do a prediction so she mentions something about a tiger's child- And I just noticed we are back to TV rips. On Horse Ggant, Barizorg introduces Pachacamac the 13th, Warz Gil thinks his name is long. Damaras mentions his family is a master of space kenpo throughout the galaxy. Cut to Red standing in a tiger exhibit at a zoo which freaks people out, the others go for shenanigans as Blue buys a tiger stripd head scarf because comedy. The Gokaigers soon spot a calico cat, thinking that is a lead. Suddenly a building explodes and th cat walks away. The cause was Pachamac who wants to destroy more with hi squad of gormins. The Gokaigers show up to transform, do intros, slaughter mooks, and proceed to flop against Pachacamac after he steals their weapons via magnetic barrier. After that they turn into the Gaorangers which works well enough to send him retreating. Green and Pink feel miserable, mostly the latter. Pink looks at some guy training near kids who we soon se is GekiRed. Pink introduces herself and asks if he can train them to be stronger. He agrees despite Green being iffy on it, thinking it might be pointless and that he has to cook. After he jolts off, Pink trains with the kids in punching. That night Red shows Navi the calico, Navi saying they were looking for a child not a cat. The cat proceeds to like the robot parrot before Red walks away with it. Pink shows her fatigue which makes Yellow worry. Blue thinks that is rare for some reason followed by Green giving a speech about the women doing stuff. After that we see Warz Gil throwing a huge fit for no reason until Insarn calms him down. Green hands to the crow's nest, Yellow tries talking to him while talking about shooting stars. This goes on for too long. Green then hurts his foot trying to lift a bracelet, putting it on himself to throw darts because reasons.

    The next day Pink trains with the kids under GekiRed, Green shows up to join because he is taking over her centric episode to screw with ranger balance. GekiRed allows this cause he is a nice guy. The others encounter Pachacamac again, transform, get in close using his magnet powers, and become Sun Vulcan- YOU REALLY HAD TO CUT AWAY FROM THAT!? Navi tells Green and Pink what is going on, GekiRed gives a positive speed about aiming for the top by working hard. Pink asks for his name and he mentions he is a tiger's child, one kid even mentioning he is a Gekiranger. The two bow and run off. The others use Sun Vulcan style techniques to beat up Pachacamac up. Green and Pink show up to double team on him followed by becoming the Gekirangers with the others. The martial arts keep flying, Pachacamac soon losing his shoulder arms before the Final Wave is unleashed in th form of guns. Insarn thinks Pachacamac was a disappointment before using the enlargement beam followed by Red calling for GG so Gokaioh can form on the moon and teleport down to Earth off screen. Pachacamac wades through cannon balls- WHAT IS WITH THE DUTCH ANGLE SHOTS!? And BOY is he short! Green and Pink mention a new power so Gokaioh unleashes the the geki spirits who ram into Pachacamac, making him explode. Sha Fu talks to GekiRed who thinks they will learn on their own. Later, a repeat of the opening happens except Green counters Yellow grabbing him. Next episode shows Navi missing and Gokaioh with a baseball bat.

    Pachacamac 13: Powers include high jumping, a magnetic field, and an extendable arm from each shoulder that fires an electric cannon from the palms
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    Episode 8:

    Gokaioh fights giant zugormins with little effort, MagiDragon bing used to finish them. On Gigant Horse, Warz Gil gets pissy and demands the next action commander. Damaras curses them, Insarn wonders why they are using sentai powers on Earth. Insert close up of Damaras here. After that Insarn looks at their wanted posters, noting Rd is the last of the Akari pirates- Wait, Blue worked for the Zangyack!? Pink was a princess of the now destroyed planet Famille (Tobikage reference?), Yellow used to steal their energy crystals with Damaras noting revenge as a motive, and Green is ignord because nobody cares about him (Denziman reference?). Green complains about salad before cutting back to Gigant Horse where the Sneaky Brothers are called in. Damaras says to keep their mission a secret from Warz Gil. After that Pink serves a box of chocolate that seriously looks like turds followed by Red accidentally throwing a baseball bat at Green. The Sneaky brothers find GG anchored intending to assault it. The brothers briefly bicker and the gormins get sad, Younger throwing Elder. He retrieves him and tries throwing up on GG many times, the gormins getting bored over time. Eventually he gets onto the crow's nest and into the cabin. Green bickers about how they need sentai powers to get the greatest treasure in the galaxy. Red want to eat but Green taks his food. Blue hears something, but ends up doing push ups. Green is annoyed for no reason so they decide to chow down. Th Zangyack commanders are told this off screen and Elder does recon with Younger on stand buy. Red wants Nav to say something- WAIT, NAVI WAS A BOY!? They go searching for him as Elder sneaks into the ranger keys, Green gets clumsy and knocks the chest over. Elder manages to activate something on the console during this. Elder then sneaks into communication pipes briefly followed by getting stuck in a door frame. Younger starts to panic until Elder finds an ideal spot to be in, specifically the box of turd chocolates. Yellow casually tries taking one, accidentally biting Elder who bounces off. The gormins hold Younger off so he does not lose his cool. Elder slowly heads back for recon.

    Elder keeps sneaking around, proving how vapid the Gokaigers can get. Everyone wonders where Navi is, Pink admitting she accidentally spilled tea on him. Then we find out Green used him as a pillow. Navi shows up in Hawaii clothes which takes Yellow too long to realize. He reveals he was sunbathing with highschool girls which Elder finds annoying. After that Navi is tied up like a pinata as punishment. Also he mentions a floating island, forcing Elder to blow his cover which causes Blue to bat him out. Younger retrievs him followed by the Gokaigers jumping down, saying they cannot let them go.... Sounds like something mobsters would say. They transform, do intros, shoot Younger, and take out gormins with ease. Gotta love Green's trip wire. They turn into the Gaorangers for more melee moves. After that they turn into the Denzimn and go punch happy with a laser computer background. Younger gets pissy with Elder, the former throwing thee latter like a rubber baseball. After that they turn into Goggle-V, spin ribbons, and throw the two around followed by turn back and assaulting the brothers. The Final Wave is used to slay them until Insarn uses the enlargement beam, mentioning thos two were favorites. GG heads into orbit once the Gokaigers are aboard and form Gokaioh. Th brothers brag and go baseball happy again, but Gokaioh uses the Gokai Bat to send Elder out of orbit. Younger gets super upset, tries fighting, and ends up failing when Gokaioh finishes him via gatling guns on full blast. The episode ends with both sides aware the Zangyack knows of the treasure and floating island, Red having GG unanchored. Next episode shows GaoLion and a guy in a lab coat.
  9. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Member

    Episode 9:

    GG sails across the air with Blue and Pink looking for a floating island as Yellow complains they found nothing. She notes to Red they have been around the planet four times now when Pink spots a strange cloud. Red steer into it, leading them to the Animarium from Gaoranger. The Zangyack somehow detect this too and Damaras orders Bowser to be sent toward it. The Gokaigers anchorer GG and set afoot when gormins are sent down with three zugormins and Bowser. They transform, do intros,, take out grunts that surround them, and Bowser charges in at super speed. After that they turn into the Turborangers, Red punching the others forward before going into a super speed. A roar is herd, soon we discover it is from GaoLion who jumps down to swipe everyone off Animarium. The Gokaiger turn into the Jetmen while Bowser uses a zugormin to do a sky fight. Green and Pink are hit, but the others shoot Bowser down soon after. Once on the ground they turn back to normal and comment about GaoLion. A guy in a white coat makes himself known, aware of the island, has a stand off with Red, and it is GaoRed. He reveals he is a vet, Red firing back his crew is a bunch of pirates. Pink's left leg is damaged as they try to walk off. Blue tells Green to stay with her, GaoRed says he is willing to treat her at his place. Meanwhile, the Zangyack wonders what to do about GaoLion when Warz Gil walks in demanding to know why nobody tells him shit. At GaoRed's office he patches up Pink's leg who in turn comforts a wandering puppy. Green asks why he knows about Animarium, GaoRed revealing he is GaoLion's warrior and his identity. He also says the power of the Gaorangers belongs to GaoLion who is uninterested in pirates that only want treasure. Cut top Warz Gil giving a speech about being greedy and not interested about the greatest treasure in the galaxy, demanding a change in plans.

    Red, Blue, and Yellow see gormins lead by Bowser rounding up civilians while Pink tells GaoRed her backstory of being an alien princess that Red accepted. Green mentions he is a tough captain to keep up with as she continues that he is interested in more than treasure. Red tells GaoLion to stay there while he, Blue, and Yellow transform to fight the grunts and Bowser. Navi tells Green and Pink this, the latter saying she is indebted to GaoRed as they run off, transform off screen, and fight. GaoRed sees the Gokaigers fighting off the entire garrison and saving people. Also Yellow demonstrates the cutlasses are not on wires, just combined with their grappling hooks. GaoRed calls them smart mouths before zugormins open fire only to get counterattacked. They then turn into the Gaorangers with an instrumental version of opening theme playing in the background as zugormins get beaten to a pulp. Red slashes up Bowser followed by using the Purifying Beast Sword to finish them, GaoRed asking GaoLion if he watching. After that is the Final Wave consisting of fire charged up flintlock shots. Warz Gil curses them as Insarn uses the enlargement cannons on Bowser and the three zugormins. The Gokaigers have Gokaioh formed once Red calls GG and flies it to the moon. Once on Earth fighting goes on until Bowser launches a claw from his claw (yo dawg!) to prevent Gokaioh's back wheel from turning, making it stuck. GaoLion then decides to be allies with the Gokaigers just as Gokaioh gets fre and the power animal uses claw slashes on bowser. Pink feels honored before Gokaioh combines with GaoLion not unlike GaoKentauros. The zugormins somehow turn their legs into motorcycle wheels while being sliced up, THE SCALING MAKES THE BUILDINGS LOOK MUCH BIGGER THAN THEY SHOULD BE, and Gokaioh casually slashes Bowser, causing him to explode. GG heads off with GaoRed being happy and the Gokaigers wonder what will be next. Next episode shows card playing, Blue and Yellow wondering around, and Green wearing straw in his belt.

    Bowser: Powers include speed, energy slashes from the clawed left hand, high jumping, and a launchable claw from the left arm
  10. Captain Shark

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    Episode 10:

    The Gokaigers play cards, Blue wins via royal flush. Navi jokes about how Red keeps losing when the alarm goes off, a Zangyack fleet attacks a city. After the opening theme Gokaioh goes on a rampage, Blue noticing a green ship which has an action commander named Yokubareed which disappears. Blue notes he is the special demolition unit which we see the Zangyack commanders elaborate on soon after. Damaras warns that while the gigalolium cannon is powerful it can destroy a planet if used incorrectly. Warz Gil gets angry while mentioning his dad. On GG Blue mentions he is familiar with this cannon and its planet busting power. Pink wonders what they can do, he suggests stealing their fuel, and Yellow offers to help. The two head down on foot, turn into the Boukengers, grapple hook their ways up on the green ship, and the others play cards because this seres is really stupid. Once aboard the two attempt disguises with buckets which seem to work despite Blue's disbelief. They enter a room with the fuel, which looks a lot like the oxygen destroyer, when two zugormins spot them and demand they go with them. They take the two to- What? Robotic henchmen playing cards? They decide to play cards with the zugormins to blend in, nobody realizing their human hands are visible. Yellow winds via three pair the first round. We cut to Red still on his losing streak before going back to Yellow's mad skills via montage.

    Gormins putz around and surround the table in disbelief at what is happening. Blue tells Yellow to wrap it up, she replies the next is her last. Yokubareed spots her cheating and asks who they are. Their buckets are removed, revealing they are the Gokaigers. Blue and Yellow take their disguises off. Yokubareed gives them a chance to beat him in cards and if they lose he gets his bounty. They agree, but the action commander will not let Yellow touch his cards as he shuffles them himself. Blue offers to be the player instead and Yokubareed accepts. Blue catches him cheating, the gormins deny it regardless. Talking happens, Blue draws a card, and he gets a royal straight flush. The two try walking off, Yokubareed gets angry, gormins surround them, and the others show up in gormin cosplay to help out. After the disguises are ditched and Green reveals he has the cannon fuel, they transform and do intros. Green sets of a detonator to a bomb that destroys the ship. Everyone jumps off unharmed and the fuel is thrown to Navi who flies off. Mooks get slaughtered as the opening theme plays. Green puts straw on his belt to blend in with a bush while Red duels with Yokubareed, easily beating him. He demands a real duel by throwing his card bombs which get reflected when the Gokaigers turn into JAKQ. Big Bomber is used on Yokubareed and two zugormins. This is followed by the Final Wave composed of shooting and slashing with energy cutters. Warz Gil curses them, Insarn uses the enlargement cannons, Yokubareed moves into a city as an energy ball, the Gokaigers rope up to GG, and Gokaioh forms on the moon. In the city Yokubareed throws card bombs while Gokaioh holds the fuel. The Gokaigers let hm try to take it as they throw it int the orbital fleet, destroying a few ships. After that GaoLion is summoned to go full GaoKentauros, ending Yokubareed in slashing that leads to explosions. The epiode ends with Blue still beating everyone at cards, he catches Yellow cheating, and Green and Navi mock Red for losing so much. Next episode shows Warz Gil in battle and Princess ShinkenRed

    Yokubareed: Powers include telekinetically controlling card bombs and turning into an energy ball
  11. Captain Shark

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    Episode 11:

    Blue trains outside of a temple with a cemetery, Green almost trips over which allows him to see yellow flowers. Navi alerts them of Zangyack activity so they head off. Cut to Gokaioh slaying three zugormins only to be finished off by the Gokai Starburst followed by miniguns and MagiDragon. On Gigant Horse Warz Gil beats up gormins, demanding the Gokaigers be defeated. Some talking happens until we see the rangers on GG where Navi flies around, has a vision, and mentions a samurai. After that the team looks around for a samurai, Yellow barely able to pronounce any names. Green asks some people practicing kendo which fails. Blu gets a flashback of his training when he was in the Zangyack, easily getting beaten up by gormins although he had a friend named Cid to help him train with swords. Pink notices him dozing off before she looks at the kendo class again. Thumping is heard, a bunch of kurokos show up and Toshizo introduces Princess ShinkenRed. The Gokaigers realize thy are looking for her, some banter ensues with Toshizo failing at being funny via being super serial. She attacks them with a katana, Red able to easily dodge her attacks. Pink tells them to stop, Blue tries talking to her. After that we see a purple Zangyack battleship dock with Gigant Horse. From it an action commander named Deizeiger attacks gormins until Warz Gil points out he is one of his dad's supreme guards. The emperor sent Deizeiger because Damaras failed to conquer Earth. Warz Gil thinks they have nothing to fear now and demands an attack be launched to prove himself to his dad. Damaras points out it is a bad idea to enter the battlefield, but he does not care and wants Barizorg to assist him. Princess ShinkenRed duels with Blue after they exchange words. Neither can land a hit on the other and the Zangyack fleet attacks the city.

    Princess ShinkenRed slices up various gormins until Deizeiger, Barizorg, and Warz Gil are teleported down. Th boastful leader makes a big speech until Red shoots at him and insults are spewed. Warz Gil throws a fit and has gormins run after them. The Gokaigers easily beat the grunts up while transforming and doing intros. Also panty shots of Pink, wow she has long underpants. Zugormins are sent in with a second wave which only increases the slaughtering. Once the mooks go down Deizeiger approaches them, the Gokaigers turn into the Zyurangers only to flunk badly. Warz Gil is pleased by this followed by them becoming the Dynamen using the Super Dynamite. This also fails, Yellow notes he is tougher than their previous opponents. After that they turn into the Gingamen, Bue going after Warz Gil only for Barizorg to defend him with ease. The others are unable to do much to Deizeiger whle Blue notes Zariborg uses the same stance as his friend Cid. He gets hit, forcing him to turn into his civilian form. Blue demands to know if he is Cid, Warz Gil confirms that Barizorg is Cid Bamick after turning from traitor to loyal cyborg. Blue is shocked by this as Warz Gil orders Barizorg to kill him. Rd saves Blue from a fatal strike that cut deep into his back. Red fires some shots, Warz Gil bleeds blue blood, and Insarn has the trio teleport to Gigant Horse and have the fleet retreat INSTEAD OF BOMBARDING THEM WITH LASERS. Princess ShinkenRed has kurokos treat Red's wounds aboard GG because why have a set location from a previous entry? Blue heads to the crow's nest alone thinking about Cid. That night we see Pink giving the others blanket for the night and Toshizo wondering if they should take the chest with ranger keys only for Princess ShinkenRed to tell him no. The next day Blue is gone, Yellow finding only a note saying he must do something alone. Next episode shows Red chomping on pizza and Gokaioh with samurai armor.

    Deizeiger: Powers include a sword that emits energy cutters, thick skin

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