August Tokusatsu of the Month - Tokkei Winspector

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Aoi Kurenai, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    Why is a big crime syndicate a core element? The whole point is that they deal with special cases that the regular police don't or can't handle. It's a slice of life cop show, as are Solbrain and Exceedraft.

    Actually from what I recall Solbrain and Exceedraft do have some recurring villain groups.
  2. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    Well they did police officers taking down a crime syndicate in more usual toku fashion; That's essentially what the Space Sheriffs are (though with a "spacey" twist). Taking it a few steps towards a "normal" police procedural certainly makes it seem like something different and not just a re-do of what came before. The lack of any ongoing story did mean I found it really difficult to binge watch, yet between that 80s style (I know it came out in 1990 but not everything changes overnight) and the benefit of Hiroshi Miyauchi (who feels like a proper part of the main cast here, unlike in Ohranger where it felt to me rather more like he was there just for recognition value) I think it was fun overall.

    I must admit, if I didn't already have a couple of other toku series downloaded and ready to go, I'd probably dive straight into Solbrain. :oops:
  3. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Because the villains are bland and generic. None of them outside of one bomber has received any sort of development whatsoever. They are just some namless schmoe and are boring. This is supposed to be a year long Toku series. There should be a beginning, middle, and end. So far, it hasn't done anything. They have yet to even tell me how/why Ryoma became Fire and how the two buddy roids were created.

    This is one of the reasons why Dekaranger is one of the worst Sentai series.
  4. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    How is it any different from most Ultraman shows in that regard?

    Maybe you're just spoiled on fantasy-based superhero shows.
  5. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Ultra Seven still had character development, most of the aliens of the week were given enough personality to make them great, and Ultra Seven didn't always need to fight a monster.

    Orb had an ongoing story.

    Hence why those two series are the best Ultra shows I've watched thus far.

    I'm not saying Winspector is bad, because on an episodic level I am entertained. However, I have to look at the show as a whole when I do my review, and as a whole, it just isn't up to Sugimura's other Toku shows.
  6. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    I'll grant that Ryouma was sorely lacking in character building. But as to the rest, it's a slice of life cop show, so don't expect some overarching plot like Dairanger outside maybe some two or three-parters.
  7. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    It feels like it has been forever since I watched an episode of Winspector even though it has been just over a week.

    Anyway, I watched 26-28 tonight and they were all solid episodes. It was nice to see Ryoma's sister get development (although, she has been given far more development than he has at this point) and the episode that dealt with a girl wanting revenge for her father's murder was nice. However, the star of this batch hands down goes to a crazy episode about a lady with psychic abilities and is backed by dudes that look like members of the KKK. That episode was friggin awesome. Not to mention it was one of those times where Ryoma putting on the armor was actually warranted.
  8. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    I decided to take a break from playing Horizon today and watched episodes 29-38. Outside of maybe one episode, they were all pretty solid episodes. My favorites included one that dealt with Youkai, one that featued a dude who was put into cryo sleep for 9 years, and then a two parter with a scientist who went crazy. Oh, and the episode with Bikel's creator was great too. The only episode I'd say I didn't care for dealt with a child who saw a hit and run and then his shameful mother refused to let him tell the police about it. I do wish they had let the crazed scientist guy get a few more episodes before they put him away though. Oh, and the first parter that had Not Robocop (his name was freaking Robot Cop Brian) was hilarious at the digs they were making towards America's paranoia for massive security. Lastly, I found it quite amuzing that there was an episode with these Amazon ladies who hid themselves in coffee beans. I know people are obsessed with coffee, but that is excessive. :p
  9. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    I watched episodes 39-45 tonight. There were some good episodes in this batch, but there were alot quite a few stinkers. I feel like the show is losing steam because they had 3 bomb plots in a row, and only one of them actually felt like it had heart to it (one that dealt with a kid strapping a bomb to himself). There was a really solid two parter than dealt with a clone army that was interesting, and then there was one that featured a terrorist mini nuclear bomb plot that was way too convoluted for its own good. I've also come to realize that there has not been a single episode dedicated to Walter. Bikel is the only one of the two to actually have a personality and interacts with others. Walter is just there because... well I don't know. I've got four episodes left, I really hope one of them is dedicated to Walter.

    It would be nice if they had a criminal from a previous episode return too.
  10. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Well I just finished the series and the last four episodes were kind of meh.

    First, 46 was kind of funny to see Barza's actor trying to play a gangster that got his idea from the movie The Godfather.

    47 was a pretty good episode, but the ending made it sound like they were going to go after this crime syndicate.

    48 had nothing to do with the crime syndicate and half of the episode was a friggin clip show. A CLIP SHOW!!!! The only other series I've seen pull this kind of bullshit stunt has been Gundam SEED Destiny.

    49 continued the story from 48, giving us a nice tie into the first episode, and the ending was fine.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show, but there was a lot of wasted potential. Walter never had a single episode dedicated to himself and Ryoma was as generic as you can get.

    I'll save the rest of my thoughts for when I review the show.
  11. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    When this thread was first resurrected I read some of the older comments which said that Walter doesn't get any focus episodes, so I was watching out for that and he totally does. The most obvious one is "I Love You, Walter" but during the first half of the show I'd say he gets as many focus episodes as Bikel does. It's only from that episode about Bikel's "father" onwards that Walter stops getting any focus and fades into the background.

    Also, about the same time Hisako just seems to disappear from the show until the two-part finale, and Demitasse seems to start skipping multiple episodes at a time. I wonder if there was a change in the writing staff or something? Or maybe they'd just started shifting resources over to Solbrain? We'll probably never know after all this time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If there's one thing I did notice with this series though, it's that while Hiroshi Miyauchi is totally awesome he really does just play slight variations of the same character in everything I've seen him in so far. Maybe one day I'll watch Goranger or JAKQ and he'll prove me wrong?
  12. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Yeah, sorry, I don't remember Walter getting any development or an episode to himself that developed hiom one bit. Bikel had the creepy one where he falls in love with that criminal, the one with his creator, and then the one where he is dismantled (which was kind of funny since like 2 episodes later Walter does say to some guy, "You will never be able to dismantle me."). Walter was as one dimensional as Ryoma.

    I hate how Hisako just disappeared. She didn't even show up in the final episode as she was only in ep 48 for like 2 minutes.

    Bikel and Masaki are hands down the best characters in the show. I also loved that Masaki didn't just sit behind a desk and bark orders like the commanders in a Toku show usually do. He was always doing something.
  13. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Nevermind, I was ripping my video clips for my review and found the episode you were talking about for Walter. I forgot that episode even existed, but you were right, he did get an episode to his name. I guess that's something.

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