2017-2018 Kamen Rider

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  1. Toku Prime

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    Build's first TV trailer (with subs):

  2. Gold Samurai

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    You realize the show isn't designed for you right?

    The jingles and gimmicks will get louder and more obnoxious.

    It's designed for toddlers with short attention spans

    In two years they won't even remember build except the repetitive jingles
  3. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    That image was supposedly shown in Ex-Aid's summer movie after the end credits (hence the chair backs you can just about make out underneath the main image). We'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD and see whether that's true (assuming they don't remove it as the crossover flick will have probably been released by then).

    However, the name itself seems to have been confirmed by the first official poster for the film:


    According to the fine folks at The Tokusatsu Network, the tagline written down the middle says “The shocking Final Chapter to Heisei”.
  4. Black Fang

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    Oh knock it off. Why even have a forum or a fandom if that's the prevailing attitude? Make an actual counterpoint instead of just falling back on the old "kids' show, foreign country, you don't matter, bugger off" routine.

    REREDRUM Guess my Geass, Kiss my Ass

    I'm calling it now. The 2019 Kamen Rider is gonna be Fidget Spinner themed. They will name it "Kamen Rider O-Tism". The first Kamen Rider where the lead is autistic and very good at fidget spinning.

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