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  1. Toku Prime

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    So this possible trademark application is going around on twitter. Apparently it comes from the same trademark bot that correctly revealed Ex-Aid, Ultraman Orb and both Zyuohger and Ninninger, but nevertheless maybe take with a pinch of salt until it gets proven genuine. Or speculate wildly, either way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. raden238

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    A LEGO Kamen Rider?!!?!? They made Fruit Ninja Samurai Riders with armor falling from the sky, work and a Video Game Kamen Rider too..
  3. Aoi Kurenai

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    Anything from the trademark bot is genuine. It's linked to the intellectual property database.
  4. Toku Prime

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    This is apparently taken from a toy catalog in a section detailing what appears in Ex-Aid's summer movie. As Riders usually make an early debut there it seems likely this is for Build's primary form.

    The general consensus I've seen on social media would be that those collectables are bottles. (bring back G!) The antennae and arms seem mismatched, as if Build perhaps has a W-style split?
    I wasn't doubting the bot but I hadn't trawled through it's posts myself and at the time I made the OP none of the toku news sites had yet reported on it, so I only had random people's screenshot pictures on twitter to go by. Just being a little cautious until it was verified.
  5. Shogun_Master

    Shogun_Master Why is every good TV show Cancelled

    Kind of sounds interesting. Can't wait to see it.

    And, really? Ex-Aid was that good?
  6. Thaitan

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    Kamen Rider Build !
  7. Toku Prime

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    Another blackout pic of Build that seems to confirm the previous one's "half and half" thing, but I've got to ask wtf is going on with the belt there? Is it a winch?!

  8. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    Another blackout pic of Build that seems to confirm the previous one's "half and half" thing, but I've got to ask wtf is going on with the belt there? Is it a winch?!

    Also, any Japanese speakers on here, is that bottom left square referring to Kamen Rider W in some way?

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  9. They're announcing W's sequel (most likely in V-Cinema).
    Bit of an odd timing, since it's not 10th anniversary yet (W aired in 2009).
    Hopefully, we could FINALLY get to see Kamen Rider Cyclone (Phillip) in action; he only appeared in novel and video game.
  10. Hangyakuno

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    I read some post in facebook saying Build will be the last Heisei rider, cause Japan will get their new emperor. Maybe that is why Build get that half and half thing, added by that W sequel thing. I say it is another Decade style series, hope it will not be as cheesy as Decade. So far neo heisei do good job to connect any rider to their previous rider, that Pacman movie is good one.
  11. RiderKing

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    To be specific, Build will be the last rider series with a full televised run in the Heisei era. The series after that will be the official final KR series of the Heisei era as it will premiere sometime before the transition of emperors, similar to how Black RX is still classified as a Showa era series despite the previous emperor passing away sometime after that series premiered. Because of that, I believe next year's KR series will be the second Decade where the lead rider has the powers of Double-Build.
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  12. raden238

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    Build is officially the last Phase 2 Rider series from the Heisei Era eh? I'm predicting a design similar to W. Half and Half powers combined. I do not see this show being another Decade "using past Rider powers" show. Technically every Rider since Gaim has used the previous Heisei Rider powers in some way. Mostly being a form change of that previous Rider. So the effect wouldn't be the same as Decade's.

    Does anybody else notice that this Rider belt has a axle rod on it? Fisherman or Construction type Rider?
  13. Toku Prime

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    I'm not sure about "official". After all, phase two is just a fan term.

    Japanese eras correspond to the time an Emperor is on the throne. When the Emperor dies his successor immediately becomes the Emperor. The previous Emperor died while Black RX was airing, so by the proper rules RX is both the last Showa series and the first Heisei one.

    In Japanese law the Emperor has to rule until he dies. However a law has been passed to make a one-time exception so that the current Emperor can abdicate i.e. retire and let his son take over. It's expected that this will happen sometime in the next year, and if it does happen during Build's run then it will be both the last Heisei series and the first of the as-yet-unnamed new era.

    However fans of the Kamen Rider franchise haven't stuck too closely to those official rules. After RX there were only movies for the next 10 years and then series creator Shotaro Ishinomori passed away. That seemed like a more natural break point, so fans took the beginning of Kuuga to be the start of the franchise's Heisei Era.

    The production crew that was assembled to work on Kamen Rider Kuuga stayed largely the same until the end of Kiva. Then Toei decided to create a new crew to work on the shows from Decade onwards. Japanese fans started referring to the series made by this new crew as "phase two Heisei". However Western fans seem to prefer things to be in round numbers, so they tend to push Decade back into "phase one" and start phase two with W.

    Build is the 19th Heisei series (not including Amazons). We'll have to wait and see whether fans will prefer to round up "phase two" to include the series after Build for even groups of 10 shows. Things could get fudged again. :confused:
    As he's called Build I'm thinking perhaps it's some kind of winch?
    A while back now Philip's actor was quoted as saying he wasn't really interested in playing the character again. Plus he's become a pretty big star in Japan now and can demand higher wages, whereas Toei are well known for not paying out bigger wages. I suspect this will be Shotaro only. :(

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