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  1. april70
    april70 Keith Justice
    You guys might need to do some checking on your form as I keep getting page not working. Currently on Google browser
  2. Captain Shark
    Captain Shark Japaneseseriesfan
    JSF, I called you a morally bankrupt goalpost shifter months back when we were arguing. That was out of line of me to say that, you're not. I'm sorry I said that. Have a happy holiday and New Year.
  3. Unknown Sentai Saurian V
  4. Unknown Sentai Saurian V
    Unknown Sentai Saurian V
  5. april70
    april70 scikaiju
    Upon completion the in progress threads will need to be deleted which I will request once I post the last finished Chapter. Thanks.
  6. april70
    april70 scikaiju
    The other 6 parts are coming.
  7. scikaiju
    scikaiju april70
    Do you mean completed fan fic projects? EWell nothing they're still there we don't delte them or anything

    And the post has been removed
    1. april70
      Hanks. Doing this on Mobile which is why I repost completed sections on a PC when I can open a second page to copy paste into the finished project.
      Oct 13, 2019
    2. april70
      The other 6 Hermonie Grangers are on the way actually and I will be working on them soon.
      Oct 13, 2019
  8. april70
    april70 scikaiju
    Reconstructing - sorry for the typo.
  9. april70
    april70 scikaiju
    Go habeas and dump my last post in the MI thread but I want to know what happens with completed projects.

    I'm eeconstructing chapter posts in my completed thread
  10. april70
    april70 Keith Justice
    I've been watching Power Rangers since 2013 on DVD due to Shout and Lions Gate releases. I'm on plenty and would be glad to help. Also I started watching the source
    Toei shows that became Power Rangers
  11. s0larf@ng
    Hello. New member here
  12. Andre Gizz
    Andre Gizz Gokai Green
    Do you have the album of Kyuranger VS Space Squad Theme Song?
  13. scikaiju
    scikaiju SamuraiEchidna
    Luckily I figured out how to change thread titkes just the other day lol
    1. SamuraiEchidna
      Cool! Thanks. :)
      Feb 16, 2019
  14. dekamaster2
    dekamaster2 Anubis
    Hi Anubis.
    I just uploaded the 3 Tomica Hero soundtracks. Check your request post.
  15. Anubis
    Anubis dekamaster2
    i very much would like the rescue force/fire collection you have, if it is not too much trouble. i will be out of town until next thursday night/friday morning - i'll be back online then. thank you very much, please have good holidays!
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  16. surfer957
    I'm back, bitches
  17. SabanRanger
  18. Kamen Rider Mayhem™
    Kamen Rider Mayhem™
    I plan on spin-kicking quite a few people. You want in?
  19. Spiderbitten
    Hey! Let's Henshin!
  20. KamenRiderLeo
    Magma overflow!!!
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